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Your Rain Boot Purchase Turns into Free Rain Boots for Roma Kids via Roma Provisions

Roma Provisions has created a social enterprise to provide access to free rain boots for Roma children to keep them warmer and dryer on cold, wet days. Creator of stylish, durable rain boots for children and adults, Roma Provisions uses a portion of the proceeds to donate free rain boots to children in need. While Roma Provisions cares for children from a variety of ethnic backgrounds through its charitable program, its main focus is on assisting children of Roma heritage. Founded by Romanian-American social entrepreneur, Samuel Bistrian, Roma Provisions entrepreneurial endeavors are staffed by a team of dedicated volunteers who donate their time, talent and knowledge to the development, production and shipment of high-quality children’s rain boots.

Roma Provisions is Solving Roma Children’s Health Problems with Free Rain Boots

Roma_Provisions_Childs_Boot_entrepreneurs_for_social_changeMany Roma children in Central and Eastern Europe are forced to walk to school (or elsewhere) in footwear that is totally inadequate for their needs – they provide almost no warmth or protection during harsh weather conditions resulting in higher incidences of illness and avoidance of outdoor activities. In order to support the needs of these children, Roma Provisions produces warm, dry rain boots that make it easier for kids to stay healthy and happy, year-round.

Roma children often do strenuous chores out of doors in order to assist their families with daily survival, including carrying firewood or performing other duties during snowy or rainy weather. Sometimes, these kids do their chores in flimsy summer shoes that leave their toes, ankles and shins (as well as much of their feet) exposed to the elements. Conditions such as infections, frostbite or hypothermia are inevitable for these kids.

Roma Provisions boots help promote better health and comfort for these children. Their boots are durable so they last a long time and can be passed on to younger children in Roma families when they are finally outgrown. More importantly, perhaps, these boots are fun and colorful with appealing, glossy finishes, making them enjoyable for kids to wear. It’s a solution the kids and their parents can all appreciate.

To learn more about another shoe entrepreneur with a similar passion for social change, check out the story on Toms shoes.




About this Entrepreneur for a Change: Samuel Bistrian

Samuel Bistrian is an American social entrepreneur who immigrated to the USA from Romania when he was a young boy. During a visit to Romania, Bistrian was moved by the sight of poor Roma children who did not have access to proper footwear during very snowy weather. Determined to help these children, who often wore sandals or other improper shoes while trudging through knee-deep snow, he decided to form Roma Provisions. He gathered friends who shared his vision to assist poor children of Roma heritage, and then devised a strategy for delivering free rain boots to children in need. Bistrian is also the author of the inspirational children’s novel, Goodbye Transylvania.

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