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Deflated Soccer Balls a Thing of the Past – Social Enterprise One World Futbol

OneWorldFutbolProject_Entrepreneurs_for_ChangeSoccer is a well-loved sport and a popular way to entertain children and bring communities together. But conventional soccer balls succumb to overuse, weather, and vandalism, leaving children living in poverty without and adding unnecessary waste to landfills. While many fashion their own futbols, these rarely do the trick. The One World Futbol Project founded by social entrepreneur Tim Jahnigen aims to make soccer much more accessible and sustainable by providing an innovative soccer ball that is basically indestructible. And with their buy-one-give-one program, consumers can benefit their own children and those in need simultaneously.

How One World Futbol Project is Solving Poor Quality Soccer Ball Problems

oneworldfutbollogoSoccer, football, or futbol is a sport that brings people together. Given that the game requires no special equipment, it’s extremely well suited to communities living in poverty as it requires only a simple ball and an open field. It’s no wonder then that millions of adults and children all over the world enjoy playing the game.

Yet conventional soccer balls are far from durable. Easily gets ruptured especially as the game gets more intense, problems with deflation and early wear detract from what should be a simple sport. While futbol is a considerably inexpensive sport to play, the cost of having to replace these balls over and over again can be prohibitive for low income communities, especially for youth who benefit so much from the game.

The One World Futbol Project has come up with an innovative solution that not only solves the problem of fast deflation, it helps reduce waste sustainably. The One World Futbol, similar in shape, size, weight, and rebounding to conventional balls, is virtually indestructible thanks to the high-tech materials it’s made of. Regardless of how many times it is punctured, it just keeps on bouncing. Because of its incredible durability, the One World Futbal helps keep some of the 20 million discarded balls out of landfills each year.

Better still, the One World Futbol requires no stitching and is therefore free of child labor. To sweeten the deal further, every time you purchase one of their balls, they donate another to communities in developing countries through their Buy One, Give One program.

About this Entrepreneur for a Change: Tim Jahnigen of One World Futbol


Tim Jahnigen with Sting and One World Futbols

Tim Jahnigen has a passion for solving problems in very creative ways. A lyricist who’s worked on the Concert for The Rainforest Fund with Sting for almost ten years, Tim has also won multiple Grammy Awards. Tim is working on many projects, including those that can be applied to problems in medicine, banking, construction, and other industries. His inspiration for One World Futbol came after seeing Darfurian children attempting to play a game of soccer using trash. Tim provided the concept for the One World Futbol and Sting provided the early support to make Tim’s visions come to life.

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