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Who Should I Interview for the Entrepreneurs for a Change Podcast?

who should I interview for Entrepreneurs for a Change?

At Entrepreneurs for a Change we are always on the lookout for worldchanging entrepreneurs we can interview to unlock their secrets to success. Our mission is to highlight the work of evolutionary entrepreneurs, and uncover what it takes to start, operate, grow, and most importantly live a business with a mission. We like:

  • Disruptive entrepreneurs who are changing the rules of business
  • Social entrepreneurs who are addressing the world’s most pressing concerns through business driven solutions
  • Green entrepreneurs who provide products and services that help save the planet
  • Spiritual entrepreneurs who follow the principles of Sacred Commerce
  • Mediapreneurs who are spreading ideas of Enlightenment and helping people optimize their human potential

We invest time, energy, and money to showcase and promote our podcast guests to our best ability. Benefits that guests can expect to receive include:

  1. A professionally produced podcast interview, published to iTunes.
  2. Links to your website, books, and anything you would like to promote.
  3. A press release.
  4. Custom episode art which we’ll use to promote your interview to Facebook, Pinterest, and on YouTube.
  5. Promotion to 15K Twitter followers, 5K Facebook followers and 4K email list subscribers.
  6. Joint venture opportunities to promote products to the Entrepreneurs for a Change audience.

For this reason, we do prioritize guests who, not only have wisdom to share and a great story to tell, recognize the value of cross-promotion and creating win-win, long term relationships.

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