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How to Start an Internet Business in 7 Steps

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Starting a business is more feasible than ever, thanks to the Internet. No longer is it necessary to run a store from dedicated premises, and investing money into physical equipment. Instead, it’s easy to set up an Internet company that relies on just you and your computer. If you’d like to start your own, this handy set of tips can teach you how to start an Internet business.

1. Define Your Goal and Create a Budget

The first step is to decide what exactly you want your business to be about. You also need to think about budgeting, and thinking about what kinds of returns you think you could make. Set these goals and you’ll have something to work towards.

2. Define Your Target Market

In order to be successful, you need to know exactly who you are aiming to provide a service to. You need to clearly specify who your target market is.

  • Are they men or women, or both?
  • How old are they?
  • What keywords will they use to find a business like yours?
  • What kind of budget will they be working with?

3. Define Your Competitors

Unless you are offering a service that is totally unique, you are going to have competition. There are hundreds of thousands of Internet businesses all over the world, so the chances are there will be people somewhere offering the same service, or a similar service, to you.

4. Choose a Marketing Strategy

In order to become successful, you’ll need to market yourself. You need people to find out about you, learn about your business and discover reasons why they should work with you. A good marketing strategy for an Internet business is, of course, to set up a website and have a good social networking presence. It’s also absolutely essential for you to use search engine optimization in order to be found when people search for people like you online.

5. Troubleshooting Customer Problems

Remember that the primary reason people will come to you and your Internet business is for you to help them solve their problems, or avoid problems in the future. You should ask yourself whether your service is effective and able to overcome peoples’ problems. Then, ask yourself how you can do that, and whether the solution that you provide to your clients is better than what your competitors can provide.

6. Become an Internet Brand

It’s not enough to just be a business. You will need to make a brand, which is why you need your own domain name, logo, slogan and graphics. You need to show people that you are serious and good at what you do. By having your own website and social networking pages, you can reach out to potential new clients and show them that you are professional and capable.

7. Forget Perfection!

The final thing in this how to start an internet business guide is that you will have to remember that there will be hurdles along the way. You cannot expect everything to run perfectly with a new business, and so you should be prepared for solving your own problems as well as clients.


Those are our ideas for how to start an Internet business that creates success. Check out this article for more tips on starting your own online business. If you’ve got advice, please feel free to share it with the community!

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Chief Evolutionary Officer at Entrepreneurs for a Change
Lorna Li is a business coach, entrepreneur and Amazon rainforest crusader, with a passion for green business, social enterprise, and indigenous wisdom. She helps changemaking entrepreneurs harness the power of the Internet to reach more people and make a bigger impact, while designing the lifestyle of their dreams. She is an Internet marketing consultant to changemakers, and works with innovative tech startups, sustainable brands, social enterprises & B-Corporations on SEO, SEM & Social Media marketing.
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