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Social Gamification Makes Going Green Fun: MotleyGreen.com

MotleyGreen - entrepreneurs for changeWith a goal of using social gamification to engage world citizens to go green the tech entrepreneur founders of MotleyGreen.com are sharing the joy of sustainable living with people all over the planet.  Using special weekly contests, daily dares, badges, coupons, and other fun and rewarding incentives for going green, MotleyGreen.com hopes to create a learning, growing, and greening platform that will generate a more sustainable world through their entrepreneurial idea.

MotleyGreen.com Takes the Pain Out of Going Green

People are eager to live more sustainably to be sure, but the subject of sustainability can be incredibly serious and depressing, and sometimes the actions required of us humans can create pain points that disincentivize people from doing the green thing. MotleyGreen.com hopes to change all of that by creating a fun and entertaining interactive community where everyone – young or old, new-to-green or evergreen – can be celebrated for taking action on behalf of the planet.

Their motto says it all: “where people just like you network and have fun while they save the planet.” The site accomplishes this goal by bringing together fun tools and games to illuminate a wealth of information on every imaginable green subject: from permaculture to climate change, recycling to planet-positive diets. It’s a great place where people can brag, earn points, collaborate, and learn more about what’s needed to save the planet. You can even confess your green sins and find consolation with others who are struggling with the same sustainability challenges.

About These Entrepreneurs for Change: Rishi Kabra and Ravi Korlimarla

Rishi Kabra - entrepreneur for change

Rishi Kabra and Ravi Korlimarla are the founders of MotleyGreen.com, which should come as no surprise since both are green living enthusiasts. Kabra is a USC alumni, a process engineer, and an entrepreneur running a service company. Korlimarla is an angel investor and business management expert. Together they make a fabulous team for creating a dynamic green community.

Brought up in a country where citizens shared natural resources, both experienced a certain degree of shock at the astounding consumption lifestyle they witnessed when they landed in the USA to attend graduate school. Seeing life on a much bigger scale – with massive vehicles, huge meal sizes, giant homes, and oversized roadways – overconsumption became their way of life, too. They quickly settled into the western lifestyle of excess, enjoying its many benefits.

But it soon became apparent to them that if the entire world adopted such a lifestyle, the planet would not survive. It didn’t take long for the two of them to find common ground in their concerns about the consequences of overconsumption and the over-extraction of natural resources.

Going back to their roots, Kabra and Korlimarla determined to develop a way to help every human develop a comfortable lifestyle based on more sustainable consumption patterns. After all, they already knew how to live on less – albeit out of necessity. MotleyGreen.com is the outcome of their conviction that every human can and should do the same.

Ravi Korlimarla - entrepreneur for change

At the same time, they wanted to make it fun and entertaining and recognized an opportunity: Create a highly motivational, educational platform to help individuals, businesses, communities, and institutions in their drive to become greener, healthier, and more profitable. Their goal: Make learning fun, provide benefits for green actions, and get people talking to collectively solve big planetary problems.

According to Korlimarla, in the end the reward for their work is obvious: A healthy, thriving planet that’s ours to keep and share with future generations.

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