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Social Entrepreneurs of Two Degrees Offer Free Meals to Hungry Kids

Two Degrees, a social enterprise dedicated to providing nutritious energy bars to its customers, also benefits the poor by donating a free meal to a child in need for every two bars sold. Founded by social entrepreneurs, Will Hauser and Lauren Walters, Two Degrees is staffed by a variety of talented and dedicated individuals who are committed to reducing malnutrition in developing countries.

Low-sodium, gluten-free energy bars sold by Two Degrees are filled with delicious, all-natural ingredients, such as dried apples, tart cherries, roasted almonds, and vegan bittersweet chocolate. By mixing commerce and charity, Two Degrees has created a business model that is innovative, compassionate, and socially responsible.

Two Degrees is Solving Malnutrition Problems for Children in Developing Nations

In the poor countries of the developing world (including Kenya, Haiti and Somalia), children simply do not get enough to eat. Complex carbohydrates (such as rice or other grains) don’t provide the necessary range of vitamins, minerals and proteins needed by growing kids. In order to ensure that the poorest children receive the calories and nutrition that they need to stay healthy, to develop properly, and to learn effectively, Two Degrees donates hundreds of thousands of balanced meals that solve malnutrition problems for the world’s most needy children every year.

Malnutrition causes a host of adverse symptoms, including hunger pangs, hair loss, irritability, skin changes, weak muscles, weight loss and exhaustion. For these children, malnutrition takes a serious toll. Two Degrees wants to solve the problem of malnutrition by feeding two million hungry children. They believe that all people are connected through two degrees of separation, which is where their “buy two bars, and we feed a hungry child” business model originated.

To distribute free meals to children in a variety of developing nations, Two Degrees has formed beneficial partnerships with other charitable organizations, including Action Against Hunger, IMA World Health, Partners in Health, Akshaya Patra, Relief International and World Nutrition. By joining with other worthwhile programs that strive to erase child hunger in the world’s most impoverished nations, they create a powerful force for social change.

About these Entrepreneurs for a Change: Will Hauser and Lauren Walters

Will Hauser and Lauren Walters are old friends who’ve joined together to fight malnutrition in poor nations. Hauser was educated at Harvard and began his business career at Goldman Sachs. Walters is a seasoned investor and entrepreneur, and he has extensive experience running charitable and for-profit companies. Both founders of Two Degrees are the sons of physicians.

Although Hauser and Walter chose business rather than medicine as their preferred career pathways, they were always conscious of global health issues and the way that hunger adversely affects the world’s most needy kids. In order to make a difference, they founded their energy bar company to feed the world through a unique business model that allows them to turn a profit while they help others.

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