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Social Entrepreneurs of Embrace Advocate for Infant Health

Embrace_Baby_Warmer_product_Entrepreneurs_for_Social_ChangeEmbrace, created in part by entrepreneur Jane Chen, offers health care workers in developing countries access to low-cost, non-electric neonatal incubators. These affordable and innovative infant warmers provide the highest standard of care to premature infants, thereby decreasing the risk of infant death in rural areas of developing nations, but are much more affordable. They’re a perfect solution for regions where finances and lack of electricity often impede health care efforts. Chen’s dedication to social entrepreneurism is lifesaving.

Embrace: Solving Neonatal Health Issues with Low-Energy Incubators

Embrace social entreprenuersBefore the invention of the Embrace incubator, premature infants in developing countries faced a higher risk of death. In fact, 450 babies die in developing countries each hour because incubators are not available. Now, medical teams in developing countries have easy access to low-priced, high-tech baby incubators through Embrace.

Embrace_Baby_Warmer_product_Entrepreneurs_for_Social_Change2Embrace evolved as four Stanford University students (Jane Chen, Linus Liang, Raoul Panicker, and Naganand Murty) brainstormed a new infant incubator design that featured cutting-edge phase change materials (PCMs). These materials are characterized by high heat of fusion, and are able to store and release large quantities of energy. They’re so effective that phase change materials provide necessary warmth without electricity. In areas where electric power is unavailable or unaffordable, these incubator solutions are a perfect fit.

The cost of an Embrace baby warmer is a mere $25, in contrast to typical electric baby incubators (which retail from $500 to $4,000), Embrace units provide physicians, medical facility administrators and volunteers in developing countries with truly cost-effective equipment that allows them to deliver better health care in neonatal units. Simple to use and highly portable, Embrace baby warmers dramatically reduce the risk of infant death in developing communities.

About this Entrepreneur for Change:  Jane Chen

Embrace_Jane_Chen_Entrepreneurs_for_ChangeSocial entrepreneur, Jane Chen is currently the Chief Executive Officer of the Embrace organization. As a graduate of the Master in Public Administration degree program at Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Chen uses her administrative acumen to pioneer for social change. Formerly employed as the administrator of another non-profit organization, the Chi Heng Foundation (which offers education to Chinese children affected by AIDS), Chen remains devoted to promoting the health and well-being of kids all over the globe.

Moved by the pain of parents who’ve lost babies due to lack of proper neonatal medical equipment, Chen spearheaded the creation of Embrace baby incubators. Chen is currently a TED fellow.

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