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Smile Squared Boosts Dental Health for Poor Kids via BOGO Program

smile_squared_toothbrush_product_entrepreneurs_for_social_changeEco-friendly toothbrushes that also create better dental health for poor children in developing countries?  Yes! Smile Squared’s BOGO program provides both consumers and disadvantaged children access to toothbrushes made from sustainable materials – every toothbrush is crafted from bamboo and DuPont bristles and fully biodegradable. Every time a consumer purchases a Smile Squared child’s or adult’s toothbrush, another toothbrush is given away to a child in a developing country. Founded by husband and wife duo social entrepreneurs, Eric and Geri Cope, the mission of this company is to improve the health of children in developing nations through better oral hygiene.

Smile Squared: Solving Children’s Health Problems in Developing Countries

In many developing nations, families are not able to afford things such as toothbrushes, making children with poor health self-conscious about smiling. Not surprisingly, these children frequently suffer from cavities, dental caries, gum diseases and weaker immune systems (which leave them prone to infections). Dental diseases are the most common diseases to afflict citizens of Third World nations. Since these diseases are, in almost every case, wholly preventable, the urgency of providing children with proper toothbrushes is obvious. In fact, in developing nations, 90% of dental decay goes untreated.

smile_squared_toothbrush_product_entrepreneurs_for_social_change2Smile Squared set out to solve this problem by creating a business that’s becoming a powerful force for social change. Their BOGO program allows consumers to use eco-friendly Smile Squared bamboo toothbrushes while donating a free toothbrush to a child in a developing nation. Plus, these free toothbrushes contain no unhealthy elements such as phthalates, PVCs and BPAs. Smile Squared gives kids the confidence to smile brightly and to achieve their own potential.

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About these Entrepreneurs for a Change: Eric and Geri Cope

Geri Cope - smile squaredDuring a trip to Guatemala, Central America, husband-and-wife team Eric and Geri Cope realized that children in this poor country had no dental care and little hope of enjoying good oral hygiene in the future. The Copes realized that these kids were more likely to become ill and to withdraw from social interactions due to the terrible condition of their teeth. To help these kids, they decided to form a company that produced planet-friendly toothbrushes.

Eric Cope - smile squaredInspired by the success of TOM’s Shoes, Eric and Geri committed to improving the dental health and overall health of children through Smile Squared. Affiliated with the International Justice Mission (which fights human trafficking and child slavery), they now add Smile Squared toothbrushes to IJM aftercare packages as well.



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