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Welcome to our online store for purposeful entrepreneurs. Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs to start ventures that leave a lasting positive impact, so that together we can transform business into an unstoppable force for good!
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The 6-Figure Purpose Interview Series

The6-FigurePurpose Summit

If you are a professional Changemaker who knows beyond a doubt that you want to spend your valuable time on this earth making a lasting positive impact through a business that rewards you abundantly for your unique genius…consider investing in this world-changing business information from our 28 experts.

The 6-Figure Purpose Summit highlights breakthrough strategies in 4 key areas that successful conscious entrepreneurs have identified as having the most power to accelerate your business:

  • Purpose – Harness your the power of your purpose to build a business you love that reflects your true calling that makes massive positive impact, while supporting the lifestyle of your dreams.
  • Mindset – Let go of self-limiting beliefs and transform your mindset to embody the success you seek.
  • Marketing – Discover how to market your business authentically, attract ideal clients 24/7 and sell from the soul.
  • Leverage – Build teams, systems, automation into your business so that you create maximum freedom and flexibility, while earning more revenue, with ease and grace.


The Changemaker Dojo Online Training Program


The Changemaker Dojo Program is guaranteed to take your purpose-driven business to the next level, spread your worldchanging message to wider audiences, and attract the people that love and support your mission to join your tribe.

In this 9-part, step-by-step (walk-you-by-the-hand) blueprint, you will get:

  • An Attractive Online Training Portal – Access to a complete multimedia e-learning experience, with well-organized weekly lessons & a library of bonus resources.
  • Downloadable Video MP4 Files – 40+ video lessons and 30 mini video FAQs to support your training. All video lessons can be downloaded to your computer, so there is no need to be online to access the program.
  • Downloadable Audio MP3 Files for Listening on the Go – 40+ audio lessons and 20+ audio case studies of successful, high-impact entrepreneurs who are changing the world through business, while living life on their own terms. You can download the recordings to your computer, burn them onto a CD, put them on your iPod, MP3 player or smart phone – and listen anytime, anywhere you want.
  • PDF Guides & Worksheets – All presentation notes, assignments and worksheets can be downloaded and printed for your convenience. You’ll be able to read along with the video training (or separately), highlight key points, take notes, do course exercises and assignments as you follow the training.


The Purpose Warrior Program


If you are an early stage entrepreneur who wants to build a strong foundation for a business that you love, where you fulfill your true calling spending most of your day on activities you are passionate about, Purpose Warrior will help you identify a mission that you can monetize. In 4 weeks, you will learn:

  • Week 1: Clarify your zone of genius and claim your purpose, so that you are on the path of creating a passion-filled life and business with absolutely no regrets.
  • Week 2: Vanquish any inner obstacles to success, so that you can lead the change you want to see, using powerful mindset tools and NLP.
  • Week 3: Identify your purpose-profit sweet spot. Learn to use different market research tools to validate market size and potential.
  • Week 4: Monetize your mission. Discover the 3 best online business models, and choose one that supports the lifestyle that you desire. Understand the marketing blueprints for each.


The Social Entrepreneur Funding GuideSocial_Entrepreneur_Funding_Guide_bundle_00

If you are a social entrepreneur, here is a comprehensive guide on where you can fund finding for your impact venture. We cover all the resources you can access to grow your social enterprise, from social entrepreneur accelerators, incubators, funding organizations, to informational websites.

You will also receive these audio case studies:

  • How to Discover Your True Calling & Turn It Into a Viable Social Enterprise, with Pamela Hawley of Universal Giving
  • How To Attract VC Funders To Your Social Enterprise, with Tyler Gage of Runa
  • The Keys to Finding & Attracting Your Ideal Investors, with Scott Duffy of Launch!
  • What it Takes to Get Into Y-Combinator, with Henrik Zillmer, of AirHelp


The Crowdfunding Guide for Changemakers

Crowdfunding_Guide_for_Changemakers_bundle_00The most challenging part of starting a business is finding start-up capital. Recently, Crowdfunding has been a solution for entrepreneurs with no start-up fund. In this guide, you will learn what Crowdfunding is and how to start your own Crowdfunding venture. You will also learn discover the best Crowdfunding sites available for your start-up and social-cause projects.

To purchase the Crowdfunding Guide for Changemakers, click here:


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