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A Loo on a Green Energy Mission: David Auerbach of Sanergy

sanergy entrepreneurs for change misc imageIt is no secret that, in the developing world, sanitation continues to be a problem, and poor sanitation causes millions of deaths every year. David Auerbach, entrepreneur, is attempting to provide social solutions and devise sanitation systems in some of the world’s poorest countries that are not only effective, they’re sustainable to run and maintain.

How David Auerbach is Solving the Problem of Sanitation through Sanergy

According to Sanergy, over 2.6 billion people across the world do not have access to proper sanitation systems. The pollution from poor sanitation systems creates disease, which kills over 1.7 million people every year, and costs $84 billion in lost working days annually.

Not surprisingly, poor sanitation is a massive problem in developing countries where government money is unavailable to solve problems such as proper disposal of human waste. As such, the problem continues to go unsolved and people continue to die as a result.

Auerbach, along with fellow MIT graduates, founded a social enterprise called Sanergy, as an attempt to provide a solution to the problem of poor sanitation. The aim of the company is to build and install sanitation systems in Nairobi. Not only will the sanitation systems reduce disease and pollution, it will also collect and process waste, producing electricity and natural fertilizer. Additionally, the sanitation systems will be distributed and fitted by local people, creating jobs. All of these aspects of the project are part of their solid business model, which is available on their website.

About This Entrepreneur for Change: David Auerbach

sanergy entrepreneurs for change founder imageAuerbach comes by his social entrepreneurial roots honestly. His extensive experience in the charitable sector speaks for itself: he has taught English in China and coached a record number of Chinese students during the American University application process; he held the position of deputy chair at Clinton Global Initiative for one year; and he worked with Endeavor for almost three years.

Auerbach studied at both Yale and MIT, but his inspiration for Sanergy really came together during a group project while at MIT with the people who would go on to co-found Sanergy. The project revolved around devising a business solution to a poverty challenge. Auerbach and his team found that, while sanitation solutions were available in developing countries, none of them provided innovative solutions for how to deal with the collected waste. This gap in the market became the inspiration behind Sanergy.

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