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Pros & Cons of Trusted House Sitters

Pros & Cons of Trusted House Sitters

If you are a traveling lifestyle business entrepreneur, there are a lot of different options for where to stay. One unique option that you may not be aware of is house-sitting. House-sitting provides a cost-effective way to work and travel in new locations for the budget-conscious bootstrapper. This home-away-from-home can be a good opportunity for the right person who doesn’t mind a little trade/exchange. Because of the trade/exchange model that housesitting generally provides, it attracts people who are open to the gift economy; that is, the gift culture, or gift exchange, economy that works around a barter system, rather than a monetary one.

In this video, you will find out:

  • What type of traveler house-sitting opportunities attract
  • The advantages and disadvantages of house-sitting
  • Which services you can find online specifically for house-sitting opportunities


01:15 How house-sitting can help you reduce your accommodation and food costs while traveling.
02:33 The positive impact that house-sitting can have on your business.
04:04 What are the disadvantages of house-sitting, and what you might be expected to give in return for your accommodation.
05:35 What you need to do to improve your chances of getting a house-sitting assignment.

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