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Patrick Gulpo & Fly Canvas: Education for Children, One Bag at a Time

Patrick Gulpo - Entrepreneurs for Change - Fly Canvas bagPatrick Gulpo is one of the co-founding entrepreneurs of Fly Canvas, a company with the ethos that “everyone carries something.” His optimism, and belief in humanity, has led him to create a social enterprise that produces fashion accessories like wallets and T-shirts that in turn help children in third-world countries receive the education they need to create change in their own communities.


Patrick Gulpo is Solving the Lack of Education in Third-World Countries

Fly Canvas was to be a business that did more than just send a portion of their profits to deprived schools in Africa. Instead, they wanted a platform to help customers learn about the lives that disadvantaged children lead around the world. The name of their premier initiative is “before we can help, we must first know” – a key mantra that focuses the company on educating people about the problem they’re working to solve.

Patrick Gulpo - Entrepreneurs for Change - Fly Canvas logoThey understand that in order to make busy consumers dig deep, the products offered need to stand out from the crowd. As such, the high-quality, limited-edition wallets, bags, and T-shirts from Fly Canvas focus on exclusivity and style to appeal to their customers. Each purchase of one of these high-style pieces sends a donation to help generate better education for children at the bottom of the pyramid.

Once a bag or a wallet is purchased, the first step is to show the power that donations are having. Schools might need funding in order to offer snacks and lunches to children who may not get a meal at home, or studying materials so they can become confident in literacy and numeracy. To encourage his customers to learn about the causes Fly Canvas supports, they include a booklet along with every purchase, detailing the stories of those that Fly Canvas customers have helped. There’s even an opportunity to start a dialogue through the company’s pen pal scheme, which allows customers to opt to write back to people whose stories they have read.

About this Entrepreneur for a Change: Patrick Gulpo

Patrick Gulpo confesses that he’s still a child at heart, profusely drawing in a notebook even as an adult. He also believes that everybody has a talent that should be shown to the world. With a strong interest in creativity, he has worked as a graphic designer, as an art teacher to young children, and as a marketing executive.

If his resume wasn’t impressive enough, he can also speak two languages: English and Tagalog. When he isn’t generating donations for an excellent cause, he likes to indulge in surfing and sewing.

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