[E4C22] Sales Funnels Demystified – FusionHQ

Sales Funnels Demystified - FusionHQ

Today I made a momentous decision – I have decided to stay in Chiang Mai indefinitely. I’ve spent a lot of time assessing my optimal lifestyle design scenario. One scenario that I explored was spending 6 months in the SF Bay Area, 6 months elsewhere. I have to admit, I miss my tribe – and SF has a unique subculture that is a  blend of technology innovation, sustainability, social enterprise, spirituality, personal growth, music and art, that I find wonderfully expressed by the Burning Man community, that simply cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Not in New York, not in London, not in

TLDs: Top Level Domains – What Are They & Which Should I Choose?

How I Slashed My Phone Bill, While Making More International Phone Calls

A top-level domain (TLD) identifies the most general part of the domain name in an Internet address. First we had .com. Then others such as .net, .org, .biz, .info, .co etc. There are so many TLDs to choose from, and expect more to roll out. But which should you pick for your business and why? Choosing the right TLD for your business is the first step in building a memorable online brand. In this video you'll discover: Which TLDs are the most appropriate for the type of organization you run. The important branding factors you need to consider when choosing your TLD. How the TLD you

[E4C21] Uncover the Storytelling Power of Your Brand – Design Kompany

Uncover the Storytelling Power of Your Brand - Design Kompany

I finally finished the Suitcase Entrepreneur, a book written by the woman who inspires me the most to live a digital nomad lifestyle – Natalie Sisson. The last couple chapters of her book explores the pros and cons of location independence, with the purpose of helping you decide whether this lifestyle is for you at all. And if so, how you might want to consider designing your life of continuous travel. There are so many ways to do location independence. For some it involves being constantly on the move. For others, it looks like slow travel – establishing a place as a long-term base from

[E4C20] How Entrepreneurs Can Stay Productive & Inspired During Challenging Times – Dominate Depression

Entrepreneurs for a Change on iTunes

Today we are going to talk about a taboo subject in the world of business – depression. It’s taboo because in the business world, you are not allowed to be depressed, let alone show it. If you even talk about being sad or bummed out, people kind of give you a funny look, back away slowly, avoid you, or in the very least, might give you a pat on the back and say, “Buck up champ, turn the page! You’ll get through this, tomorrow’s a new day.” Which, while being well meaning, may not necessarily do much to improve your mood. In business, you are supposed to be a go-getter, a mind hacker, and

[E4C19] How to Get Massive Exposure on YouTube by Sharing Your Genius – Timelapse Strategies

How to Get Massive Exposure on YouTube by Sharing Your Genius - Timelapse Strategies

I’ve been on a little video odyssey for the past few days up in gorgeous Pai, a village in the mountains north of Chiang Mai, Thailand, that’s known for its bucolic scenery, and healing hot springs. I’m building a membership site, and it’s going to have lots of videos in it. Phase 1 involves scripting the videos. I spent 3 days scripting at MergeSpace, a coworking space established by American transplant Ian Borders, founder of the financial services app MergePay, for Focus 55 –a Startup Weekend kind of event where a handful of us Dynamite Circle digital nomads worked on and supported each

[E4C18] Turn Your Customers Into a Evangelists with Affiliate Marketing – Performance Based

Entrepreneurs for a Change on iTunes

Have you ever thought how great it would be to have an army of evangelists to promote your worldchanging products and services? The great news is, you don’t have to be famous, or even a TED Talk speaker to get fans to promote your company. All you have to do is tap into the power of affiliate marketing. A lot of people associate affiliate marketing with scammy diet pill offers, teeth whitening strips, work from home business opportunities and a host of other products with mostly mainstream appeal. But affiliate marketing works in the LOHAS – or lifestyles of health and sustainability

[E4C17] The Art of Visionary Leadership & Authority Marketing – Till Carlos

The Art of Visionary Leadership & Authority Marketing - Till Carlos

The topic of visionary leadership is fascinating to me – what inspires people to follow one person, over another? What motivates masses of people to follow a single person? What does it take to inspire the people who work for you to do it joyfully and enthusiastically? I’m thrilled to have Till Carlos on this interview because he’s been trying to crack the code to visionary leadership, and he and I have many rewarding conversations about what it takes to be a leader. Till is a software developer who interviews successful entrepreneurs on this very topic for his podcast – Leadership

[E4C16] Travel the World on a Drop Ship Lifestyle – Anton Kraly


I’ve met all kinds of cool, inspiring, and super smart entrepreneurs as a digital nomad these past 16 months. One internet entrepreneur whose footsteps I’m inspired to follow is Anton Kraly. Anton is a 29 year old guy from New York who has been making a full-time income online for the past eight years while being 100% location independent.  He got started after purchasing an offline business in 2006, which he quickly transformed into an e-commerce company. He’s been creating profitable online businesses ever since. Another colleague from the Dynamite Circle community – Johnny FD, the

[E4C15] Turning Amazon Herbs Into Energy Drinks While Preserving Indigenous Medicine – Runa


One of my passions in life is Amazon medicine. I’ve been to the Amazon rainforest of Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Brazil 8 times since 2004, and have been privileged to enter territories that are off limits to foreigners as a guest of the tribes. I’ve spent months in the back country of Brazil, traveling by river, scaling mountains, and staying in indigenous villages as a seeker of plant medicine wisdom. The value I have received as a guest of various tribes – specifically the Huni Kui, the Ashaninka, Puyanawa and Kuntanawa nations - in terms of healing, spiritual growth, expansion of my world

How to Avoid Becoming a Content Marketing Slave – Strategies for Solopreneurs & Small Businesses that Work


As a solopreneur or small business owner, you have a million things to do. It’s hard to prioritize content. You know it’s important, but the lack of an immediate return usually means content is put on the back burner. In this article I’ll go through 5 ways to spend less time creating more content, leading to a better return on your time investment. Use systems to build your idea list In 2014, my co-founder and I will publish 365 pieces of content. We’re also managing a WordPress support business that doubles in size every few months, so we have to be efficient. We can’t flail on