10 Stupid Business Ideas That Made Millions

So what tricks can your pet do?

Let's face it. For every ten or even a hundred stupid business ideas ever considered as a serious business venture, at least one succeeded. Against all odds, these once-laughable business ideas defied logic, market expectations and plain old commonsense, allowing their creators to get the last laugh, all the way to the bank. Below are ten of our personal picks, not in terms of profit but for the sheer wackiness of the idea: 1. The Pet Rock Ah yes, what childhood in the 1970's would be complete without the "perfect pet": a rock. Just think of it: they don't need to be fed, watered,

10 Small Business Ideas That Are Anything But Boring

small business ideas with an exciting spark

While there are people who want to get out of the rat race and start their own business, not everyone has a great small business idea in their head. All too often, the obvious choices are ones that delve into already-crowded areas or niches, so there isn't a lot of room for an inexperienced new player to make a name for himself. The more specialized markets can become daunting due to the amount of specific knowledge or skill needed. Finally, there is the perception that a small business idea sitting somewhere in the middle can be a bit on the dull side. However, there are still areas worth

Small Home Business Ideas for Women

More and more, the female population is finding out the perks of running a home-based business.

It is no longer an unusual scenario for a woman to run a business of her own. If the surveys are any indication, women are, in fact, giving men a run for their money. Between 2002 and 2006, existing female-owned businesses expanded faster than male-owned businesses in 40 states of the US. The female population is finding out the perks of running a home-based business ever more. Hence, for women on the lookout for that perfect small business idea, the following tips provide a good headstart: Online Industry In this day and age, there is a host of jobs that one can do with the help of the

Small Business Ideas that don’t Need Much Startup Capital

Comparing Calculations

  Starting a small business can be expensive. There's the initial capital outlay, business licensing, and hardware and officeware procurement. If you're not planning on starting a franchise, then there are a number of small business ideas for less than $5,000 that you can grow from home. Accounting If you have proficient skills in accounting, you could easily start an accounting or auditing service from home with almost no need for starting capital. You even have options like becoming a freelance company bookkeeper or a tax preparer. If you aim to start your own tax preparation

10 Mompreneurs Who Started Successful Businesses from Home

balancing work and business is hard, but not impossible

There is a delicate art to balancing the competing demands of motherhood and career, and it only gets harder for those women who decide to take the risk and bank on their small business idea. There are a few, however, who find it in themselves to not only be stay-at-home moms, but also entrepreneurs. The pressure of that kind of choice is extremely difficult to understand without actually experiencing it, but sometimes, the right small business idea and a lot of hard work can combine to make a "mompreneur" successful beyond even their wildest imaginings. Here are ten moms who hit it big

10 Creative Mompreneur Small Business Ideas

You don't have to settle for being just a full-time parent if you can juggle both work and home.

Are you a stay-at-home mom? Do you sometimes wish to look for a new way to earn a living and at the same work according to your own schedule? Well then, starting your own venture is probably the best way to do it. Being an entrepreneur is not always easy; but if you have the best small business idea fixed in your mind, then there is no reason why you won't do just fine. 1. Arts and crafts To accommodate the flexibility they need, women may opt to open shop in their homes. Many artists, crafters, and jewel designers have long since discovered that working from home is indeed an option. In

What is a Social Entrepreneur?

Social entrepreneurs come up with solutions for the most complicated social and environmental problems

Social entrepreneurs are creative individuals who provide solutions for the most complicated social problems. These capable people are able to identify the problem at hand and come up with the most effective methods to spread palpable ideas so that the society, as a whole, will be able to cooperate to overcome the crisis. A social entrepreneur is ambitious, motivated, resourceful, and results-oriented. Through social entrepreneurship, businesses not only earn profit, but are able to address social and environmental issues at the same time. Social enterprises are commercial businesses that

10 Green Online Business Ideas for Smart Webpreneurs

It is not just enough to be an entrepreneur; one should also be an eco-conscious entrepreneur.

Nowadays, it is not just enough to be an entrepreneur; one should also be an eco-conscious entrepreneur. Looking after the planet should always be everyone's main concern. Thus, if you wish to start your own business and come up with a good online business idea, better keep things green in the process. The following are ten green online business opportunities that are both profitable and eco-friendly: 1. Green Social Shopping Network It is most likely that green shopping networks will be the talk of the town in the next years to come. Why not, when social shopping networks such as

10 Online Business Ideas that You Can Do from Home in Jammies

online business ideas that work

Let's face it: anyone that wants to get into business online is probably someone who wants to do it in the comfort of their own home, where they're free to do as they please. Some people may doubt the viability of taking an online business idea and trying to make a living off of it, but the thousands of people that have done so are proof enough that it can be done. Yes, not everyone will be able to make money off of their online business ideas, but it isn't impossible - it just has a substantial learning curve. Don't expect to replace a steady job income soon either; these things take time to

Where to Get Ideas for your Online Home Business

These resources will help you start off your home business

The key to coming up with a great business idea is to look for dependable business resources that address consumer problems. Field experts can help entrepreneurs with funding and basic business knowledge, including creating a new niche for the product and effective online marketing methods. Entrepreneur Business Ideas Database Entrepreneur magazine has an online database where you can find hundreds of home business ideas. They're even classified according to interest, category and profession. Advanced search options include a well-defined second category and range designations for