Back to the Roots Green Entrepreneurs Recycle Coffee Grounds, Grow Eco Mushrooms


Back to the Roots, an eco-friendly, for-profit organization, turns ordinary coffee grounds into succulent gourmet mushrooms. Created by two UC Berkeley alumni, Alejandro Velez & Nikhil Arora, this unique mushroom-growing company’s green entrepreneurs have pioneered social change by developing a growing process that is totally planet-friendly and sustainable. Back to the Roots: Recycling Waste, Generating Sustainable Food By converting a waste stream into a thriving, eco-friendly business, Back to the Roots showcases a clever new business model that reduces the amount of garbage

Aganza Design Social Entrepreneur Offers B1G1 Lighting to the World’s Poor


In developing countries, clean, affordable lighting is difficult to come by, due to lack of electricity. To make a difference, Aganza Design’s innovative and forward-thinking CEO and social entrepreneur, Lesley Silverthorn Marincola, spearheaded the creation of lighting devices that aren’t powered electrically. These ingenious devices allow people in developing nations to enjoy bright light that runs on eco-friendly solar energy. How Aganza Design is Solving Health and Energy Issues in the Third World Currently, in order to get the lighting that they need, many poor communities are often

Deflated Soccer Balls a Thing of the Past – Social Enterprise One World Futbol


Soccer is a well-loved sport and a popular way to entertain children and bring communities together. But conventional soccer balls succumb to overuse, weather, and vandalism, leaving children living in poverty without and adding unnecessary waste to landfills. While many fashion their own futbols, these rarely do the trick. The One World Futbol Project founded by social entrepreneur Tim Jahnigen aims to make soccer much more accessible and sustainable by providing an innovative soccer ball that is basically indestructible. And with their buy-one-give-one program, consumers can benefit their

One Stylish Pair of Glasses at a Time: BOGO Project via Warby Parker


Poor eyesight can be an extreme hindrance to quality of life, especially for those living in poverty. The social entrepreneurs behind Warby Parker - Neil Blumenthal and Jeffrey Raider – recognized the importance of having access to needed eyeglasses and responded with the Buy a Pair, Give a Pair program to give people the gift of sight, and the chance to climb out of poverty as a result. How Warby Parker is Solving Inaccessibility of Eyeglasses to People in Need More than 15% of the world’s population or a total of one billion men and women are unable to work or learn properly because

Low-Income Americans and Haitians Supported by Blanket America’s BOGO Bedding Program


While it is hard to imagine, even countries as developed as the US have domestic poverty. The current economic slowdown doesn’t help matters at all, but thankfully social entrepreneurs like Elizabeth Brown and Mesh Gelman of Blanket America are pioneering ways to let Americans help each other. Their buy-one-give-one (BOGO) solution provides much-needed bedding for low-income families in America. How Blanket America is Solving Domestic Poverty Despite being one of the wealthiest countries in the world, the US is not immune to poverty. Millions of American families are struggling to

Donate an Organic Baby Onesie BOGO Style with Baby Teresa


Babies are incredibly vulnerable, depending on adults for their daily needs, yet many are born into low-income families and communities of extreme poverty, and therefore lack proper nutrition, healthcare, and even clothing. The clothes that they do have are often hand-me-downs from older siblings that are worn out, too small or too big. Thank goodness for social enterprises like Baby Teresa that are working to help these babies by donating a romper for every piece you purchase through their buy one give one program. Baby Teresa’s Innovative Buy-One-Give-One Organic Baby Rompers Baby

Entrepreneurs for Change: Blake Mycoskie of TOMS Shoes Gives Away Millions of Shoes

TOMS Shoes - breaking the poverty cycle

How TOMS Shoes is Solving Footwear for the Extremely Poor If you’ve had shoes on your feet your whole life, you may have never experienced the challenges of living without them. Without shoes, children are more prone to injury and disease – especially diseases transmitted through soil. Cuts and scrapes can develop into serious infections, some of which are life threatening. The social entrepreneurs from TOMS shoes have got a solution through its buy one give one program. Without shoes, children are often hindered from receiving an education. After all, it’s difficult to walk to school if

Entrepreneur for Change: Mark Bent of SunNight Solar offers BoGo Lights

BoGo Light - African boy

How SunNight Solar and Bogo Light are Bringing Renewable Energy and Illumination to the Poor "We design and manufacture solar powered products which have a positive impact on people and the planet" That’s the mission statement of social enterprise SunNight Solar. Up to 2 billion people worldwide don’t have access to affordable illumination for everyday living. For those of us who have access to light all of the time, it may be surprising to realize how much the lack of it impacts quality of life. People in developing countries without light cannot cook, read, study, or do other household

Wello WaterWheel: A Social Enterprise That’s Easing the Burden of Water Carrying Women Worldwide

wello water wheel social enterprise

Social entrepreneurs and women entrepreneurs are changing the world by helping to empower other women and lessening their burden of fetching water for their family. Carrying water, often for long distances, is a burden shared by women in developing countries around the world. It involves hours of walking, waiting in line, and carrying heavy pots, jars, buckets, or jerry cans filled with water. A woman must collect enough water for her household and this involves carrying a heavy 5 gallon 42 pound bucket on her head every day, which can can injure her spine. Fulfilling this basic need,

Solar Social Enterprises that Provide Power to the Developing World


Solar is a booming industry these days. With an abundance of venture capital pouring into solar startups on everything from mega solar utility projects to home solar lease companies,  it's no surprise that more and more social entrepreneurs are trying to get in on the solar game. However, another breed of entrepreneurs are trying to bring solar to the people who need it the most - the world's poorest people in the developing world. While in the developed world, solar may seem like a luxury available to homeowners with extra cash to burn, in the developing world, solar can mean life or