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5 Online Business Ideas & Revenue Models for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs

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lifestyle entrepreneurs - Viridian HealthA lifestyle entrepreneur is somebody who organizes their business and work around their own lifestyle goals. These may include flexible hours, enjoying their work, spending time with their family or engaging with charity work. It may even be a matter of someone starting a business because they want to change the world or help people who really need it.

There are lots of ways that you can charge the world, and through different online business ideas. Consider different online business ideas and you could be on your way to becoming a successful lifestyle entrepreneur.

If you’re scratching your head on what revenue models actually are, it’s an elaborate way of explaining how a business makes money. Different models are suited to different lifestyles, and if you want to enjoy life while earning money, you should look for businesses that can provide passive income. This may come in the form of online sales for both hard goods and electronic products such as ebooks or videos, subscriptions to online content or newsletters, or fees for services. You’ll see many of these outlined in the case studies below.

Health: Offer Wellbeing Products from an Ethical Standpoint

The health industry is already huge, and it’s only going to get bigger. As people look to improve the longevity of their lives, they will be more likely to find new services and products than can help them do so. Customers also look for the best products that can fit around their lifestyles. Companies such as Viridian Health focus on providing products such as vitamins and minerals that are made from organic, ethically-sourced ingredients. Taking a wholesome approach to a wellness business could be an astute decision.

The key revenue model for this line of work would be sales from products. You might also be able to enter an affiliate scheme if you have an influential blog that you can use to direct readers to a store. Indeed, if you are a nutrition or healthcare specialist, your endorsements could generate cash.

Wealth: Help People to Look After Their Money Conscientiously

lifestyle entrepreneurs - Green Money

Wealth generation is a market where people are looking for information and solutions on the Internet. People who are focused on making money for themselves will often need to invest in themselves as well as their business. This may involve investing time and money into information, including training programs and tools, which you could provide with your own online business based on a subscription revenue model.

Of course, you may not have the money to start your own ethical investment fund. However, you could write a bank of content and then charge money for people to access it, allowing you to receive a consistent monthly income. Alternatively, like the Green Money Journal, you could rely on advertising and guest writers. Green Money Journal relies on subscriptions, which is a very popular revenue model for content.

Spirituality: Help People to Discover Themselves and Find Meaning

lifestyle entrepreneurs - Peace Village

Spirituality is becoming increasingly important. People are continually looking for fulfillment, and one of the best ways to achieve this is through people who are experts in spirituality, including yoga and other similar practices.

This popularity could be because of the fact that more people have busy lifestyles, and how society has become more materialistic. You can offer digital information products that you have written yourself, or even online training classes.

One such business is Peace Village, which is staffed entirely by volunteers who have qualifications in spirituality and theology. You could offer a business where you freelance as a teacher or counselor. The one downside to this revenue model, which again is subscription-based, is that you would need to be a self-employed freelancer, and this would involve filing your own tax returns.

Love: Help People to Discover What They Need from a Soulmate

lifestyle entrepreneurs - Tina ChappellLove is also a big money maker, and it can change the world! Many people are turning to the Internet to find love, and there’s no reason why you can’t benefit from this business. You could offer people your expertise on life, act as a life coach or even set up your own website that gives people access to information about love and relationships. You can help people learn how to love and accept themselves, and make a living out of doing so.

One such life coach is Tina Chappell. She left the corporate world in order to catch individuals, teams and leaders. The great thing about becoming an inspirational coach is that it can bring you lifestyle entrepreneurship, with appointments that are adapted around familial circumstances.

For revenue model ideas, you could choose a flat-fee that covers your costs until customers find love, or a monthly subscription structure. You could also organize speed-dating events, which can be quite lucrative and flexible around your hours.

Empowerment: Inspiring Messages You Can Espouse with Confidence

lifestyle entrepreneurs - Dr Kathianne Lewis

You could consider offering video and audio content that you can produce in your own time and then offer on the Internet. People can subscribe on a monthly basis to this too, which means that you get a steady amount of income. One model that has done this is Spiritual Not Religious, which works on the basis of $10 a month for access to what they call a weekly empowerment message. Their videos also feature Rev Kathianne Lewis.


If you know of some great online business ideas we should include in this list, please feel free to share them! We love highlighting inspirational entrepreneurs.

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