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Are you tired of “hustling” for clients, going to networking events trying to talk to as many people as you can in the hopes that somebody will want to hire you? Do you stare at the pile of business cards you collected, with little recollection as to who each card actually belonged to, and, with resignation, add them to a shoebox FULL of rubber-banded business card bundles?

Imagine a different reality… Imagine having a powerful online presence where:

  • Ideal fans, prospects and clients come to YOU.
  • Already knowing what you do and WANTING to work with you.
  • You can be SELECTIVE about the clients you work with.
  • And choose to work with only the MOST COMMITTED, inspired, and appreciative clients.
  • You NEVER HAVE TO LOWER YOUR RATES ever again to attract client work.
  • And the quality of potential clients coming to you only gets BETTER & BETTER.
  • To the point where you can’t help but realize that your work together FEELS LIKE MAGIC and fulfills your mutual destinies…

We’d Love to Help You Get Started with a Magnetic Website Makeover Session

Together, we’ll take a look at your website, and I or one of my trained Soul Tribe Attraction Coaches will identify the top 3 things that could be getting in the way of your soul tribe connecting with you. We’ll explore:

  • What it is you are truly wanting to create in your business and life
  • Identify whether it’s your website that’s truly blocking your business, or if you have a business model problem, or if you could be following the wrong marketing strategy
  • We clarify your 6-12 month revenue milestones and suggest a customized plan designed to get you there as quickly as possible,
  • Clarify your 6-12 month revenue milestones and suggest a customized plan designed to get you there as quickly as possible,

No Website? No Worries!

Sometimes it’s easier to start from a completely blank slate. If you are just starting off, and are extremely motivated to launch a profitable business as quickly as possible, without needless suffering, frustration, and confusion, we welcome your application.

Apply For Your Magnetic Website Makeover Session

To apply for a complimentary Magnetic Website Makeover Session, please answer every question in the questionnaire below so we can get an accurate snapshot of where your business is right now.

Spots are limited and fill up quickly. We reserve these sessions for entrepreneurs we can truly help, so we ask that you ONLY APPLY if you are SERIOUS about making a business breakthrough, starting NOW!

Priceless, Joel Okpanachi

“The session I had with Lorna Li, for me is priceless and to know that it came to me free can be likened in a way to the air that we breathe, so important yet free. I will definitely continue to consult with Lorna Li, I even intend to participate in the paid for sessions very soon.”

~Joel Okpanachi

Provides Crystal Clear Plans, Rev Dele

RevDele“My coaching session with Lorna left me with a crystal clear plan of how to recruit the national level partners I need to move my business forward, as well as a clear timeline to profitability. It was like going from 0-60 in 8 seconds! I also appreciated her compassion and thoroughness in problem solving. She has tremendous resources and a generous heart–I will recommend her as often as possible!”

~Rev Dele

Understands Mental & Practical Challenges, Wendy Werneth

WendyWerneth“I am very grateful to the universe for putting Lorna in my path at the right time. I feel like she really listened to me and understood both the mental and practical challenges I was facing in my business. She helped me to see things from a different perspective and proposed new options that I had not considered before.”

~Wendy Werneth

Helped Me Gain Clarity On The Big ‘WHY’, Virginia Chu-Kierans

virginia“Our discovery session was packed with value in that Lorna was able to help me get oriented in the priorities of creating a new online business concept. More importantly she helped me gain further clarity on the big ‘why’ even though I had many ideas. Thanks Lorna for your thoughtful insight and your laser focus questioning which have all jump started an initial plan of action!”

~Virginia Chu-Kierans

Far Reaching Suggestions and Insights, Pedro Maal

pedro“I am amazed by the degree of depth we were able to slice through in my plans, and your far reaching suggestions and insights are going to affect the very core of how we move on from here. My time with you may have been the most powerful minutes I’ve spent all year. Thank you very much.”

~Pedro Maal

Feeling Inspired & Driven, Jonathan Thompson

Jonathan ThompsonJust had a 45-minute session with the INCREDIBLE Lorna Li. Feeling inspired, feeling driven, feeling like there’s finally a framework that makes all the tiny little bits and pieces fit together in a coherent way! There IS a path to the life that I want for myself, my family, and the work that I want to do in the world! Thank you, Lorna! Looking forward to more!

~Jonathan Thompson

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