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Luxury Ties from FIGS Social Enterprise = Free School Uniforms for Needy Kids

figs social enterprise - logoFIGS, a socially-conscious fashion company, doesn’t sacrifice high fashion to achieve its overarching goals of helping needy children. By offering offers cutting-edge necktie designs, crafted from very fine fabrics (such as cashmere and silk), to its discerning customers, FIGS has created a for-profit system that gives back. For every tie that they sell, the team at FIGS donates a free school uniform to a child in a developing nation. This

By combining love of fashion with a “threads for threads” social enterprise, FIGS creates a new business model that is a powerful force for change. Founded by Heather Hassan, whose world travels inspired her to help needy children get the uniforms that they needed to attend local schools, FIGS is a perfect blend of fashion, luxury and social conscience.

FIGS Helps Kids Get Uniforms to They Complete School and Overcome Poverty

Figs_product_entrepreneurs_for_social_changeIn impoverished nations, many children want to attend school, but can’t do so, because they simply have no access to the supplies that they need, such as school uniforms. Sadly, many kids lose out on vital education that may have the potential to change their lives for the better, simply because they don’t have the clothing that they need to attend classes. That’s because children who cannot afford the uniforms that they need to attend public educational facilities often fall truant and then fail to get the education that they deserve. In order to help children learn and develop the skills and knowledge that they need to escape from the cycle of poverty, FIGS donates a free school uniform to a needy child every time one of their luxury neck ties is sold.

The founder of FIGS, Heather Hassan, has traveled extensively to developing nations. Saddened by the plight of these children and their families, Hassan, who has worked in some of the most sophisticated fashion houses in Europe, decided to use her fashion design talents to create a socially-conscious company that would offer the world’s poorest children access to school uniforms that would enable them to get educations.

About this Entrepreneur for a Change: Heather Hassan

FIGS Heather Hasson - social entrepreneurHeather Hassan received her fashion education in the posh ateliers of New York and Rome; however, despite her passion for fashion, she never lost sight of her commitment to social change. After a trip to Africa, where she witnessed children wearing rags or nothing at all, she was inspired to use her fashion knowledge to change the lives of these needy children. By creating her company, FIGS, she embraces optimism, hope, and a practical business model that allows children to get the education that they need. Today, Hassan works with a range of dedicated volunteers who share her pioneering spirit, as well as her flair for design.

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