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5 Internet Business Ideas That Let You Work from the Beach

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online business ideas - CarpoolingAh, the beach. You can sip on some mango juice and just tinker away on your laptop, feeling grains of sand in between your toes. Some online business ideas allow you to have the flexibility to work from anywhere. However, opting for things like copywriting and web design isn’t always recommended, as your Internet can be patchy in countries where beach property is cheap and plentiful. By getting creative with your Internet business ideas, you can inject some entrepreneurial spirit into your working life while still enjoying leisurely time.

Code a Own Fee-Based Site Like Carpooling.com from a Beach Chair

A team of three men, Stefan Weber, Matthias Siedler and Michael Reinicke decided to create a website called Carpooling.com. Their ambition was to make the process of sharing a car with someone as easy as hopping on a bus or a train, while collecting a percentage of all the fees people pay when they use the platform. From here, CO2 emissions could be reduced, and congestion on the roads could be eliminated. In the first 12 months alone, it had established more than 40,000 users, all generating income for the founders. Thanks to the programming they’ve already completed, the three can still maintain their full-time jobs (or just move to the beach instead!) while adding tweaks in their spare time. You could do the same by thinking up your own online fee-based website ideas and completing the coding offline. Once it’s up and running and the community is paying your daily expenses through regular interactions, you can kick back on the beach and enjoy your passive income!

Start a Copywriting Business from Paradise

Brazen Copywriter - business ideas from the beachIf you’ve got talent in the craft of wordsmithing, consider starting your own online copywriting venture. One great site from which to do this is Brazen Copywriter. Participate in this platform from which clients can request content and writers can market their work, and collect a fee for every piece of content you write and create! Not only does this allow you to be creative from anywhere in the world, you can set your own hours, work offline doing the writing, and upload when you’ve got a good connection.

Develop a Dropshipping Business while Residing Seaside

Shopify - business ideas from the beachAnyone can create an online dropshipping-based business to make money passively while living at the beach! Dropshipping is becoming a popular way to do business online, and is a fulfillment method that allows you to retail products and electronic goods without having to have an inventory or doing any of the shipping yourself. When a customer orders something from your website, a third party inventorying and shipping company will package and deliver the item on your behalf. This allows you to scale up or down as needed, gives you location flexibility (no need to be storing products at the beach house!), and allows you to provide a wide variety of products at a very low overhead. Shopify is a great place to start and allows you to make a retail profit with each item sold!

Create a Business Where You Share Your Expertise with Video, Ebooks, and More

internet business ideas - LearningHerbsIf you have a passion for writing, but are also a sun-worshipper, you could monetize your knowledge by creating a website filled with content on your specialty. There are some considerations you will need to make, such as effective revenue streams and the SEO strategies that ensure your articles will be read. After all, if you can’t be found on Google, you might as well be screaming in an empty room. One example of someone who effectively created a environmentally-focused website where people could learn is John Gallagher, who founded LearningHerbs.com.

Market Beachfront Vacation Rentals with AirBNB

online business ideas - Bed and Breakfast

AirBNB has created a website for vacation rentals that allows users like Ana Maria to make percentage of every booking made on properties they market and manage. Ana Maria has taken the concept even further by consulting with investors to help them select good properties in which to invest.

One unique selling point of your marketing endeavor could be to explore marketing only green vacation rentals with environmental awareness.  Some of the ways vacation rentals care for the planet may be through using renewable energy, using eco-friendly detergent when cleaning bedding, or by ethically sourcing the food you serve. Make sure you complete a feasibility study to determine how much you should charge, and whether this is competitive.


Our readers love to hear about ways to earn a living with online business ideas you can do from the beach! If you’ve got great ideas, share them here.

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