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Ending Extreme Poverty within a Generation: Hugh Evans’ The Global Poverty Project

It’s a big job, but Hugh Evans wants to be part of the movement. Entrepreneur and founder of The Global Poverty Project, Hugh is working out his vision to end extreme poverty within a generation by raising awareness and action on the issue of extreme poverty. The expressed goal of the social organization is to increase the number and effectiveness of people taking action to end extreme poverty.

The movement is founded on an idea similar to that of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth – to use volunteer presenters to get the message out about extreme poverty around the world. At the core is the belief that campaigning governments, businesses, and consumers, can create systemic change to help the world’s poor.

Using a 45- minute and/or a 90-minute presentation format called 1.4 Billion Reasons based on leading research, the volunteers talk about extreme poverty and the solutions to ending the problem within a generation. Since the project was launched, it has reached more than 100,000 people on three continents via live events with volunteer presenters. It’s also mobilized 5,500 people to take action against extreme poverty, and reached 15 million through media coverage in 3 countries.

Several programs have been spun off of The Global Poverty Project. For instance, Live Below the Line is a fundraising and awareness-raising campaign that challenges people to feed themselves on the equivalent of that used by those living in extreme poverty. This campaign has so far raised over $5 million and involved more than 24,000 participants.

Global Citizen is another spin-off that includes a website and mobile app used by the public to find relevant ways to take action to end extreme poverty. The End Polio Campaign is another initiative of The Global Poverty Project, which focused on sharing the stories of progress toward eradicating polio. So far, $118 million in pledges and over 25,000 people have participated in the campaign.

For more on poverty initiatives, see what the World Bank is proposing for how to eradicate poverty and hunger by the year 2015.







About this Entrepreneur for a Change: Hugh Evans


Hugh Evans, together with Simon Moss, founded The Global Poverty Project in 2008. Before this venture, he established The Oaktree Foundation which is an Australian NGO that provides aid in African and Asia Pacific regions with volunteers between the ages of 16 and 26. Much of Hugh’s inspiration stems from his experience with an evangelical Anglican parish in Australia, St Hillary’s, as well as Al Gore’s work on An Inconvenient Truth.

Hugh’s previous activities include being an Australian representative at the UN youth movement in The Hague in 2001, serving as a co-chair of the 2020 Youth Summit in 2008, and was named one of the most beautiful people by Who magazine in 2009. He has received numerous awards including the Young Victorian of the Year in 2003, the Young Australian of the Year in 2004, and Outstanding Young Persons of the World in 2004.

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