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A scientific mind equipped with natural business instincts make a good technology entrepreneur. In this section, you can find articles that will help you turn your managerial skills into marketable technology ideas, which can then be translated to excellent products and services.

Social Gamification Makes Going Green Fun: MotleyGreen.com

Rishi Kabra - entrepreneur for change

With a goal of using social gamification to engage world citizens to go green the tech entrepreneur founders of MotleyGreen.com are sharing the joy of sustainable living with people all over the planet.  Using special weekly contests, daily dares, badges, coupons, and other fun and rewarding incentives for going green, MotleyGreen.com hopes to create a learning, growing, and greening platform that will generate a more sustainable world through their entrepreneurial idea. MotleyGreen.com Takes the Pain Out of Going Green People are eager to live more sustainably to be sure, but the