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Green Entrepreneurs

Being green is more than just a fleeting trend. Many entrepreneurs nowadays are actually aiming to reduce environmental footprint all the while running their businesses. Hence, this section offers fascinating highlights of latest news and views focused on corporate sustainability.

SOCCKET = Soccer Ball = Portable Generator Thanks to Silverman and Matthews

Kick a ball … turn on a light. That’s the idea behind SOCCKET. An idea from the brains of two ambitious green entrepreneurs – Jessica O. Matthews and Julia Silverman – SOCCKET hopes to end energy poverty and light up the night through child’s play. How entrepreneurs Jessica O. Matthews and Julia Silverman of SOCCKET are Using Child’s Play to Create Renewable Energy With just 30 minutes of soccer playing, kids can generate 3 hours worth of energy to power a light. It’s not exactly child labor, but it sure does put play to good use! We’ve heard about the power issues in developing

Childhood Inspiration Turns Eden Full into Ambitious Solar Entrepreneur

Eden Full is an ambitious young green entrepreneur. Founder of SunSaluter, her aim is to create disruptive solar technology to bring the cost of renewable energy down – for both developed and emerging markets. She believes so strongly in her entrepreneurial vision that she quit school at Princeton to make it a reality! How SunSaluter and Eden Full are Radically Boosting Solar’s Efficiency Eden was in the middle of her Princeton program when she decided to venture to Africa to test her SunSaluter idea – a mechanism that makes it possible for solar panels to rotate to track the sun

100% Biodegradable Bogobrush Helps Disadvantaged Americans Achieve Better Oral Hygiene

The goal is to provide toothbrushes to 10,000 people in need by December 31, 2012, and you can help! Bogobrush is a brand new, totally sustainable toothbrush developed by two green entrepreneurs, brother and sister team, Heather and John McDougall. Their dream is to ensure everyone has proper dental hygiene, while creating a buy one give one toothbrush with a much smaller environmental footprint. How Heather and John McDougall of Bogobrush Created a Biodegradable Toothbrush that Gives Back Americans throw away more than 450 million toothbrushes every year, the majority of which are made

Back to the Roots Green Entrepreneurs Recycle Coffee Grounds, Grow Eco Mushrooms

Back to the Roots, an eco-friendly, for-profit organization, turns ordinary coffee grounds into succulent gourmet mushrooms. Created by two UC Berkeley alumni, Alejandro Velez & Nikhil Arora, this unique mushroom-growing company’s green entrepreneurs have pioneered social change by developing a growing process that is totally planet-friendly and sustainable. Back to the Roots: Recycling Waste, Generating Sustainable Food By converting a waste stream into a thriving, eco-friendly business, Back to the Roots showcases a clever new business model that reduces the amount of garbage

Entrepreneur for Change: Mark Bent of SunNight Solar offers BoGo Lights

How SunNight Solar and Bogo Light are Bringing Renewable Energy and Illumination to the Poor "We design and manufacture solar powered products which have a positive impact on people and the planet" That’s the mission statement of social enterprise SunNight Solar. Up to 2 billion people worldwide don’t have access to affordable illumination for everyday living. For those of us who have access to light all of the time, it may be surprising to realize how much the lack of it impacts quality of life. People in developing countries without light cannot cook, read, study, or do other household