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[E4C21] Uncover the Storytelling Power of Your Brand – Design Kompany

Uncover the Storytelling Power of Your Brand - Design Kompanypodcast-on-itunes

I finally finished the Suitcase Entrepreneur, a book written by the woman who inspires me the most to live a digital nomad lifestyle – Natalie Sisson. The last couple chapters of her book explores the pros and cons of location independence, with the purpose of helping you decide whether this lifestyle is for you at all. And if so, how you might want to consider designing your life of continuous travel.

There are so many ways to do location independence. For some it involves being constantly on the move. For others, it looks like slow travel – establishing a place as a long-term base from which to do short term exploration. I personally, prefer the latter. I find being on the move all the time really disruptive to work, and kind of exhausting. I like to make local friends, discover the local scene, and not have to pack my stuff up and move it every week or 2, let alone hunt for reliable Internet and a good place to work.

Thailand is one of the best locations for digital nomads – getting set up is easy and fast. Within 2 hours of getting off the plane, I got a prepaid SIM card with data plan, checked into a serviced condo (which I booked online) and rented a scooter. I was ready to rock and roll in record time. Another awesome thing about Thailand is that it is a hub for other interesting long term travellers – not just backpackers, but people working on cool projects locally, as well as virtually.

One of those people is Akira Morita, who has been traveling with his wife and 4 year old kid. Currently, the family is traveling through Asia – they’ve visited six countries in over two years. The husband and wife team like to help doers and makers connect with each other and with the world.

One of the biggest limiting beliefs that holds families back from long term travel is the idea that it’s not good for the kids – but you’d be amazed at how resilient children are. According to Akira, his son, Kush is actually the most flexible person in his group. Plus, Kush opens up a lot of doors for Akira and his wife Dipika, in terms of welcome and good will from locals.

Akira emigrated from Japan to the US in the ’90s, where he studied event marketing and design. He has worked in Japan, Ireland, and cities in both coasts of the U.S. organizing beer festivals, golf tours, and creativity workshops. In 2005, he founded Design Kompany with his wife Dipika, a creative consultancy focused on helping people build their own legacy-making brands. Later, along with their son Kush, they created Orangutan Swing, an advocacy for playful living through listening.

In this interview, Akira and I discuss:

  • The power of storytelling, for personal & company brands, as well as for communities.
  • How storytelling can be facilitated in a way to unite communities and grow a tribe without borders.
  • Different web based tools you can use to connect diverse communities that have a shared vision and goals.
  • Practical steps to uncover your visual identity and brand.
  • And much more!

Mentioned in this interview

  • Ning.com
  • Natalie Sisson

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