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D-Rev Brings High-Impact, Low-Cost Social Innovations to Market

Recognizing that many solutions developed to help people in poverty are ineffective, inappropriate, and often too costly, D-Rev’s mission is to create products that improve the health and incomes of those living on less than $4 per day with practical, affordable solutions. With Krista Donaldson at the head of the social enterprise, D-Rev is meeting this goal, impacting millions of lives with their life-transforming products.

How D-Rev is Making Health Products Available to Those Living on $4 or Less Per Day

D-Rev’s guiding principle: The idea has to result in a product that will touch millions of lives (it can’t be a niche need), and it can’t cost a lot of money. Those are two of the basic criteria D-Rev uses when selecting projects to develop. They’re looking for high-impact, low-cost products that will really create change.

D-Rev - entrepreneurs for changeBut traversing the valley of death – that gully between product prototype and bringing it to market affordably – can be the biggest hurdle in producing products that are practical enough for those living in poverty. D-Rev helps product designers leap over that valley of death by employing a highly successful model for identifying and creating successful ventures.

  • Identify high impact opportunities for increasing income and/or improving health for those living on less than $4/day.
  • Design a product that meets the customer needs, including manufacturing, distribution, and servicing.
  • Deliver the product for maximum sustained impact.
  • Scale up the project and measure impact to determine that the product is reaching the people and places in greatest need.

D-Rev - sustainable health productsD-Rev’s work takes them to many countries, including Haiti, Nepal, Ecuador, Botswana, Iraq, and India. Some of the products they have developed to date include:

  • ReMotion Knee: An affordable prosthetic leg system designed with 165-degree range of motion.
  • Brilliance: A phototherapy device for neonatal jaundice using LED bulbs and an efficient design.
  • Rise Solar: A low-cost solar concentrator that provides electricity for cell phone chargers, batteries, and other devices.

About this Entrepreneur for a Change: Krista Donaldson

Krista, the chief executive officer of D-Rev, was one of the first people to focus on the intersection of engineering and social entrepreneurship in less industrialized economies while working on her PhD at Stanford University (mechanical engineering). She has taken her twin passions for international development and design and applied them to the work of D-Rev. She is also a lecturer at the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford University and the author of articles and papers on international development and design. Krista has also received the 2011 Pop!Tech Social Innovation Fellowship and was a 2010-2012 Rainer Arnold Fellow.

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