If you are a purpose-driven entrepreneur, the number #1 thing that you can do to accelerate the good you want to see in the world is to create an online platform that supports your mission. 

Your platform allows you to attract your tribe, amplify your influence and get tens if not hundreds of thousands of people with a similar vision to take action - all at the touch of a button

By the time you're done, you'll be serving more clients, selling more products, all the while leading a movement that turns business into an unstoppable force for good.
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"The program that Lorna Li has created is really extraordinary and I think it's really unique compared to other things that are on the market. Because it's not just about bringing in expertise and case studies from people who are in the typical marketing world but also entrepreneurs with lots of different kinds of business models who are really making a difference in concrete ways. I in particular have learned a lot from the branding information. I've really been able to refine the way that I present what I am doing in the world. It also helped me recognize a lot of the things that I'm doing, kind of dropping the ball on keyword research, and Lorna has helped me realize that that's another important piece of the puzzle. So there's lots of great information here and I highly recommend it."

Amy Scott- Location Independent Book Coach, Creator of Nomadtopia


The Changemaker Dojo is the first and only online program that combines purpose, spirituality, social entrepreneurship, and online business.

Purpose Warrior (Changemaker Dojo Level 1)

If you are an early stage entrepreneur who wants to build a strong foundation for a business that you love, where you fulfill your true calling spending most of your day on activities you are passionate about, Purpose Warrior will help you identify a mission that you can monetize.

Week 1: Clarify your zone of genius and claim your purpose, so that you are on the path of creating a passion-filled life and business with absolutely no regrets.

Week 2: Vanquish any inner obstacles to success, so that you can lead the change you want to see, using powerful mindset tools and NLP.

Week 3: Identify your purpose-profit sweet spot. Learn to use different market research tools to validate market size and potential.

Week 4: Monetize your mission. Discover the 3 best online business models, and choose one that supports the lifestyle that you desire. Understand the marketing blueprints for each.

Purpose Messenger (Changemaker Dojo Level 2)

If you are an established business owner and realize that you haven’t fully tapped into the potential of reaching global markets, Purpose Messenger will help you build a powerful online platform that attracts your tribe and inspires a movement around your mission-driven business.

Week 5: Create a magnetic brand for your business, product or service packages using our irresistible naming process & recommended tools for stand-out visual branding.

Week 6: Build a kickass website, designed for optimal visibility, that compels your visitors to take action.

Week 7: Create irresistible content that attracts the right target audience through search engines and social media.

Week 8: Discover powerful strategies to ideal content consumers onto your email list.

Week 9: Liberate yourself from your business, through the power of effective outsourcing.


The Changemaker Dojo Program will empower you to unleash your life purpose, fulfill your mission and achieve the greatness you've always had inside you. The 9-part, step-by-step (walk-you-by-the-hand) blueprint, is guaranteed to take your purpose-driven business to the next level, spread your worldchanging message to wider audiences, and attract the people that love and support your mission to join your tribe. 

I look forward to guiding you to the next level of your business over the next 9 weeks, and turning your website into a client-attracting magnet.


Lorna Li