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Pros & Cons of Couchsurfing for Lifestyle Business Entrepreneurs

Couchsurfing is a free option for on-a-budget travelers who would like to experience a culture in a more natural, home setting that is provided by the graciousness of their Couchsurfing host. Many off-the-beaten-path travelers opt for Couchsurfing for its authentic experience and a chance to make new friends. But how does Couchsurfing fare for the location-independent entrepreneur, or digital nomad, working on the go? These travelers aren't just on a vacation, but trying to balance work/life while being on the road. Is Couchsurfing a good option for this demographic? In this video, you'll

Where to Find Suitable Accommodation As a Location-Independent Entrepreneur

If you are a long-term business traveler, digital nomad, or location-independent entrepreneur, where do you find suitable accommodation that supports your need to work on your business for long stretches of time? If you are a tourist or a backpacker, you may not notice the fact that your hotel room doesn't have a desk, or that the bed and breakfast you are staying in has painfully slow Internet. But all of that becomes painfully apparent if you are enjoying the art of slow travel while working on your business the entire time. In this video, you'll discover: Why you really need to avoid