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[E4C8] Herding Jaguars & Empowering the Masses to Unleash Positive Social Change

We are here today with Darian Rodriguez Heyman, a social innovator with a long history of building businesses and creating community. Darian is the chief development officer for Better World Wireless, the first mission-driven telecom company aiming to simultaneously serve you as non-profit and donate one million smartphones to moms, teachers, and farmers within the next ten years. He is the co-founder of Social Media for Non-Profits, a conference series devoted to strategies and tactics around using social media for social good. For many years, Darian served as the Executive Director for

[E4C7] A Mobile App that Helps Over 600K People Discover Their Planet While Reducing Waste – Steve Echtman of HearPlanet

Can mobile apps save the planet? You bet they can. HearPlanet is the world’s largest audio guide, covering hundreds of thousands of locations around the globe. With over half a million voice files, HearPlanet is like having a professional tour guide always by your side. HearPlanet includes perspectives from different publishers and personalities, and even other visitors like you. Not only does HearPlanet help you discover the world around you, it cuts down on paper waste generated from single use maps, tourist pamphlets, brochures, and guides. Steve Echtman, Founder of HearPlanet, shares

[E4C6] How You Can Start A Fair Trade, Eco-Friendly Global Import Business – Christine Hutchison of five ACCESSORIES

five ACCESSORIES is one of the most triple bottom line businesses you will encounter. five ACCESSORIES is a wholesale business whose mission is to empower and deliver sustainable livelihoods for workers and their communities through the sale of eco-friendly and fair traded, locally made products. Products can be found in over 150 national retail stores. Christine Hutchison and her husband Wells founded the company during their honeymoon five years ago. While there, they met a Balinese tour guide who told them how much difference five dollars a month can make to a Balinese family. While

[E4C5] How to Launch a Global Nonprofit & Attract the Best Volunteers – Pamela Hawley of Universal Giving

Pamela Hawley is a social entrepreneur from the nonprofit side of the fence. She's the founder and CEO of UniversalGiving, the only nonprofit marketplace that allows you to Give 100% of your donation directly to the cause. It's the best way to give freely -- where all your money goes directly to the top nonprofit leaders who need it most, in the most remote parts of the world. One of the great things about donating through UniversalGiving is the trust you can have that your money will be well spent. That’s because they vet every nonprofit through their stringent, proprietary Quality Model,

[E4C4] A Quarter Million Dollars On 10 Hours A Week – Green Earth Bamboo

In this podcast, we'll look at Green Earth Bamboo. Green Earth Bamboo is a family owned e-commerce business that specializes in bamboo viscose products, such as bamboo bedding, towels and bathrobes, clothing, and accessories. Doug Bancorn, Co-Founder of Green Earth Bamboo, shares the nitty gritty of what went into setting up their drop shipping business and offers valuable advice for aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to set up a green online business, such as: During this interview, Doug will share: What it took to become a profitable 6 figure business in one year, with nearly a quarter

[E4C3] How to Raise Over $700K on Kickstarter & Provide Solar Light to People In Need – WakaWaka

We’ve got an exciting interview with green entrepreneur Camille Van Gestel of WakaWaka, a company that makes the world’s most efficient solar lights and mobile solar chargers. WakaWaka, which means “shine bright” in Swahili, is a social enterprise that is bringing light to desperate people in times of darkness. For every solar light or mobile solar charger purchased, they give one to a family in need somewhere in the world. In places like Haiti, Syria, and the Philippines. They partner with organizations like the IRC – the International Rescue Committee - to make sure WakaWaka units reach

[E4C2] Turning Home Grown Mushrooms Into A Multi-Million Dollar Business – Back to the Roots

In this interview, Co-Founder Nikhil Arora shares how their green business idea became a reality, from the early days of collecting used coffee grounds from local Berkeley coffee shops, to their partnerships with Peet’s Coffee and Whole Foods, to the $5 million business it is today. He also talks about the evolution of their product design, and how their urgent ad in Craigslist turned their mountain sized heaps of coffee ground waste into a valuable sideline business in soil amendments. As of 2011, the company has: Diverted and reused 1 million lbs of coffee grounds from the

[E4C1] Evolutionary Entrepreneurs Screwing Business As Usual

Introducing the Entrepreneurs for a Change Podcast My name is Lorna Li, and I’m pleased to announce the launch of the Entrepreneurs for a Change podcast on iTunes, a radio show featuring entrepreneurs who are choosing to “screw business as usual.” In this very first episode I’m going to talk about: Why business can be an even greater force for good than charity The kinds of world changing entrepreneurs we are going to interview for this podcast The juicy questions I’ll be asking to uncover exactly how these entrepreneurs succeeded in growing their business I’ll share with you

Anandi Pads: Helping Girls Gain Full Attendance at School

Women in the Western Indian state of Maharashtra are losing daily wages, and young women are missing up to 50 days of school per year, and all because of a lack of affordable sanitary towels. This is a social problem than can be solved through social entrepreneurship and Anandi Pads, created by Jaydeep Mandal of Aakar Innovations, aims to abolish this obstacle for girls by creating affordable, accessible green solutions. How Jaydeep Mandal and Anandi Pads is Solving an Education Crisis with Affordable, Accessible and Compostable Sanitary Towels Numerous girls and women worldwide stay

deliberateLIFE: Green-Focused Magazine Designed to Create a Better Tomorrow

The deliberateLIFE magazine is designed to do more than regular magazines can. It’s more than just a great read – it helps to create a better tomorrow. In short: good businesses win, as well as earth and the people around us – even if they are miles apart. How deliberateLIFE is Helping Customers to Learn about Green Products in an Interactive Way This green-focused publication helps people live their lives to their fullest potential, giving information about travelling, volunteering, innovating in business and engaging in the local community. It is very much a magazine that helps you do