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Green Business Ideas

With today’s heightened ecological awareness, green business ideas are starting to take off. This section presents tips on how to jumpstart that green business idea, and enter the growing market for sustainable products.

5 Green Product Ideas You Can Market on Etsy

etsy business ideas - GlassBottleBeads

If you're brimming with green business ideas, one of the challenges can be getting your great products noticed. By using the Etsy platform, you can save considerably on marketing costs and get people to come to you. In some circumstances, your products might even trend, helping your online shop to develop a cult following. Etsy focuses on vintage and handmade products. By upcycling and restoring old furniture, and recycling materials to create something new, it's easy to become creative and develop a viable company. Here are some Etsy business ideas you might want to consider full-time, or

Green Business Opportunities in the Obama Era

With the Obama administration particularly, plenty of entrepreneurs are on the lookout for that perfect green business opportunity that are both lucrative and eco-friendly.

The green business sector is continuously flourishing as many people grow more and more concerned about ecological sustainability. With the Obama administration particularly, plenty of entrepreneurs are on the lookout for that perfect green business opportunity that will turn out to be lucrative, and at the same time environmentally friendly. 1. Consultant. Green Irene (started by PJ Stafford and Rosamaria Caballero Stafford) is an example of a company that was founded to fill the need for eco-consultants. The main tasks of eco-consultants are to point out opportunities to become more

Every Day Green Business Ideas for the Rest of Us

These green business ideas can be perfect for you

A green business idea aims to make life easier, not only for consumers, but for entire communities as well. There are numerous green business ideas that aim to minimize ecological impact by coming up with solutions for environmental and social problems. Here are some green business ideas that can work for you: Vegan Restaurant With factory farming and animal agriculture becoming one of the key reasons for climate change, people have resorted to reducing the consumption of meat. Launching a vegan restaurant gives people a healthier alternative to the usual fatty and cholesterol-laden fast

Small Green Business Ideas to Jumpstart Your Cottage Industry

green business isn't a tagline; its a cooperative effort

Going home-based can have a lot of benefits, not the least of which is the chance to turn it into a small green business. When someone says "green," there are often a lot of misconceptions. The perception is that it would be expensive or large-scale, something better suited for a large corporation. However, the reality is that there are a number of small green business ideas that don't require multi-million dollar starting capital or "big business" performance capability. Soap-Making The big players when it comes to making soaps are large manufacturers that have the resources to spend