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Build a Kickass Website

Which is Better – a Hosted Website Solution or Self-Hosted Website Software?

How I Slashed My Phone Bill, While Making More International Phone Calls

One difficult decision that many small business owners face is whether or not they should pay monthly fees to have their website hosted on a platform that's maintained by a website solutions provider, or whether they should download website software, and host the website themselves. Even if you choose to self-host your website, you are still paying monthly fees - to your web host. In this video, I'll talk about: The difference between a hosted versus self-hosted website. The pros and cons of hosted versus self-hosted web solutions. The two factors you need to consider before you

Should I Use A Free Website for My Business?

How I Slashed My Phone Bill, While Making More International Phone Calls

  If you're in the beginning stages of launching your business, or creating an online presence for your existing website, you may be inclined to bootstrap, to keep costs as low as possible. It's only natural to consider building your business website on a free platform, such as your domain name registrar's free one-click website builder, for example. There are also so many other free website platforms that offer attractive and professional looking templates as well. So why pay? Hold your horses! Before jumping onto any website platform, watch this video first. You'll

How Do I Pick a Domain Name & Do Keywords Matter?

How I Slashed My Phone Bill, While Making More International Phone Calls

The process of selecting a domain name for your business can be confusing for a lot of people, especially if you're just starting a business. Ideally you want your business name and your domain name to match, so many entrepreneurs start researching domain names first, to see what is available. If you have a totally unique business name, there's a high likelihood that the domain is available. But what if it isn't? And then there is the question of search engine optimization, and whether or not you should include your industry keywords in your domain, in order to receive a little more boost in

TLDs: Top Level Domains – What Are They & Which Should I Choose?

How I Slashed My Phone Bill, While Making More International Phone Calls

A top-level domain (TLD) identifies the most general part of the domain name in an Internet address. First we had .com. Then others such as .net, .org, .biz, .info, .co etc. There are so many TLDs to choose from, and expect more to roll out. But which should you pick for your business and why? Choosing the right TLD for your business is the first step in building a memorable online brand. In this video you'll discover: Which TLDs are the most appropriate for the type of organization you run. The important branding factors you need to consider when choosing your TLD. How the TLD you