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Beth Doane: The Entrepreneur Making Fashionable Tees Organic, Ethical

Beth Doane - Entrepreneurs for Change - RainTees logoAfter starting a business that specialized in imports and exports, Beth Doane realized that the fashion industry was placing the wellbeing of factory workers and the environment at risk. Inspired to become a social entrepreneur, she started RainTees, where every purchase of a T-shirt gives something back to Central America.

How Beth Doane is Solving the Problems of Mass Production

Beth Doane initially started Andira International, a business that aimed to import – and export – fashion products worldwide. It was during her travels that she realized the Beth Doane - Entrepreneurs for Change - RainTeessevere consequences that the industry had on the speed of climate change, and the wellbeing of millions of people working in impoverished countries to make garments. From here, she started RainTees, a green business producing organic T-shirts, with every sale funding a project in Central America.

Her objective is to undo the damage that industrialization has had on the continent. The designs adorning the products sold are drawn by children in some of the worst-affected areas in Central America. Meanwhile, a pen pal scheme helps RainTees enthusiasts to connect with young people worldwide who need help.

In addition to creating organic garments that have won critical acclaim on the catwalk, Doane has produced a book called “From the Jungle.” Reading it opens your eyes to why the work of RainTees is so important, and why customers should spend a little more to preserve what’s left in endangered rainforests, and grow from there. This supports Doane’s other efforts to reforest the world by donating a seedling as RainTees are purchased. Doane estimates that her company has planted over 20,000 trees to date.

Beth Doane - Entrepreneur for ChangeAbout this Entrepreneur for a Change

Beth Doane has lived around the world, and has established a strong connection with the nature around her. While working in the fashion industry, she saw how the rights of young children and their parents were being violated, not to mention how many kids didn’t have the basic supplies they needed to learn.

Thought Doane has just turned 30, she has secured a nomination for Outstanding Women of the Year from a reputable magazine in LA. Doane also received recognition from her former university in Michigan, where she has won two awards for being an exceptional example of what alumni can achieve.

As well as helping others without a voice, Doane is using her own to inspire a new wave of social entrepreneurs. She is showing how profits can be balanced with sustainability, and helping the vulnerable. Like many others, she hopes that there can be a sea change in industries focused on greed and negativity, with companies focusing on being eco-friendly and generous instead.


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