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Social Gamification Makes Going Green Fun: MotleyGreen.com

Rishi Kabra - entrepreneur for change

With a goal of using social gamification to engage world citizens to go green the tech entrepreneur founders of MotleyGreen.com are sharing the joy of sustainable living with people all over the planet.  Using special weekly contests, daily dares, badges, coupons, and other fun and rewarding incentives for going green, MotleyGreen.com hopes to create a learning, growing, and greening platform that will generate a more sustainable world through their entrepreneurial idea. MotleyGreen.com Takes the Pain Out of Going Green People are eager to live more sustainably to be sure, but the

Social Entrepreneurs of Two Degrees Offer Free Meals to Hungry Kids


Two Degrees, a social enterprise dedicated to providing nutritious energy bars to its customers, also benefits the poor by donating a free meal to a child in need for every two bars sold. Founded by social entrepreneurs, Will Hauser and Lauren Walters, Two Degrees is staffed by a variety of talented and dedicated individuals who are committed to reducing malnutrition in developing countries. Low-sodium, gluten-free energy bars sold by Two Degrees are filled with delicious, all-natural ingredients, such as dried apples, tart cherries, roasted almonds, and vegan bittersweet chocolate. By

Your Rain Boot Purchase Turns into Free Rain Boots for Roma Kids via Roma Provisions

Roma Provisions - entrepreneurs for change

Roma Provisions has created a social enterprise to provide access to free rain boots for Roma children to keep them warmer and dryer on cold, wet days. Creator of stylish, durable rain boots for children and adults, Roma Provisions uses a portion of the proceeds to donate free rain boots to children in need. While Roma Provisions cares for children from a variety of ethnic backgrounds through its charitable program, its main focus is on assisting children of Roma heritage. Founded by Romanian-American social entrepreneur, Samuel Bistrian, Roma Provisions entrepreneurial endeavors are staffed

Luxury Ties from FIGS Social Enterprise = Free School Uniforms for Needy Kids


FIGS, a socially-conscious fashion company, doesn’t sacrifice high fashion to achieve its overarching goals of helping needy children. By offering offers cutting-edge necktie designs, crafted from very fine fabrics (such as cashmere and silk), to its discerning customers, FIGS has created a for-profit system that gives back. For every tie that they sell, the team at FIGS donates a free school uniform to a child in a developing nation. By combining love of fashion with a “threads for threads” social enterprise, FIGS creates a new entrepreneur business model that is a powerful force for

Smile Squared Boosts Dental Health for Poor Kids via BOGO Program


Eco-friendly toothbrushes that also create better dental health for poor children in developing countries?  Yes! Smile Squared’s BOGO program provides both consumers and disadvantaged children access to toothbrushes made from sustainable materials - every toothbrush is crafted from bamboo and DuPont bristles and fully biodegradable. Every time a consumer purchases a Smile Squared child’s or adult’s toothbrush, another toothbrush is given away to a child in a developing country. Founded by husband and wife duo social entrepreneurs, Eric and Geri Cope, the mission of this company is to improve

Social Entrepreneurs of Embrace Advocate for Infant Health


Embrace, created in part by entrepreneur Jane Chen, offers health care workers in developing countries access to low-cost, non-electric neonatal incubators. These affordable and innovative infant warmers provide the highest standard of care to premature infants, thereby decreasing the risk of infant death in rural areas of developing nations, but are much more affordable. They’re a perfect solution for regions where finances and lack of electricity often impede health care efforts. Chen's dedication to social entrepreneurism is lifesaving. Embrace: Solving Neonatal Health Issues with

Back to the Roots Green Entrepreneurs Recycle Coffee Grounds, Grow Eco Mushrooms


Back to the Roots, an eco-friendly, for-profit organization, turns ordinary coffee grounds into succulent gourmet mushrooms. Created by two UC Berkeley alumni, Alejandro Velez & Nikhil Arora, this unique mushroom-growing company’s green entrepreneurs have pioneered social change by developing a growing process that is totally planet-friendly and sustainable. Back to the Roots: Recycling Waste, Generating Sustainable Food By converting a waste stream into a thriving, eco-friendly business, Back to the Roots showcases a clever new business model that reduces the amount of garbage

Aganza Design Social Entrepreneur Offers B1G1 Lighting to the World’s Poor


In developing countries, clean, affordable lighting is difficult to come by, due to lack of electricity. To make a difference, Aganza Design’s innovative and forward-thinking CEO and social entrepreneur, Lesley Silverthorn Marincola, spearheaded the creation of lighting devices that aren’t powered electrically. These ingenious devices allow people in developing nations to enjoy bright light that runs on eco-friendly solar energy. How Aganza Design is Solving Health and Energy Issues in the Third World Currently, in order to get the lighting that they need, many poor communities are often

Deflated Soccer Balls a Thing of the Past – Social Enterprise One World Futbol


Soccer is a well-loved sport and a popular way to entertain children and bring communities together. But conventional soccer balls succumb to overuse, weather, and vandalism, leaving children living in poverty without and adding unnecessary waste to landfills. While many fashion their own futbols, these rarely do the trick. The One World Futbol Project founded by social entrepreneur Tim Jahnigen aims to make soccer much more accessible and sustainable by providing an innovative soccer ball that is basically indestructible. And with their buy-one-give-one program, consumers can benefit their

One Stylish Pair of Glasses at a Time: BOGO Project via Warby Parker


Poor eyesight can be an extreme hindrance to quality of life, especially for those living in poverty. The social entrepreneurs behind Warby Parker - Neil Blumenthal and Jeffrey Raider – recognized the importance of having access to needed eyeglasses and responded with the Buy a Pair, Give a Pair program to give people the gift of sight, and the chance to climb out of poverty as a result. How Warby Parker is Solving Inaccessibility of Eyeglasses to People in Need More than 15% of the world’s population or a total of one billion men and women are unable to work or learn properly because