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E4C#6 How Sustainable Brands Can Avoid Green Marketing Cliches – Park Howell, Park&Co

As a triple bottom line business, telling your product’s sustainability story is as much as art as it is a unique selling proposition. Park Howell, of Park&Co, shares with us his insights on the art of sustainability story telling and highlights some of the brand curdling green marketing cliches we should avoid if we want [...]

john gallagher of learningherbs.com

E4C#5 Starting a Profitable Green Online Business With Backyard Medicinal Herbs – John Gallagher, LearningHerbs.com

Ever wonder what it takes to start a green online business selling informational products? Info product marketing is one of the most profitable ways to make money online – digital products have low overhead, and can be a great source of passive income. You can literally make money while you sleep. Info product marketing is [...]

ashkon jafari studentmentor

E4C# 4: Starting a Social Enterprise to Create the Next Generation of Leaders – Ashkon Jafari of StudentMentor.org

A seasoned social entrepreneur, Ashkon Jafari has been working to make the world a better place for only a few years, but in that short period of time, he’s found great success. His newest venture, StudentMentor, helps to pair mentors with college students and he’s burning to talk about his experience in setting up this [...]

commerce with compassion - dharma merchant services

E4C #3: Compassionate Commerce Meets Green Business – Alexia Marcous, Dharma MS

Take your socially responsible business to the next level by practicing sacred commerce. Alexia Marcous is the co-founder of Dharma Merchant Services and she’s passionate about bringing work-life balance into focus and incorporating spiritual principles into how she does business. Dharma Merchant Services practices “Commerce with Compassion” – find out what this looks like when [...]


E4C #2: Glenn Croston: Top Green Business Opportunities & Starting A Green Business

Get your fill of expert advice for green business strategies and best practices when you listen in on this interview with Glenn Croston of Starting Up Green, a company focused on helping green entrepreneurs see success. Glenn, whose writing has appeared in the LA Times, the New York Times, Fast Company, BusienssWeek.com, and GreenBiz.com, has [...]

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E4C #1: Joel Makower, on Trends in Green Business & Dream Green Jobs

This must-hear interview with Joel Makower is perfect for anyone interested in increasing their online presence, making money through their green business, and growing readership. Joel has over 20 years of experience as a journalist and green entrepreneur, and brings a ton of wisdom and insight to discussions on green jobs, green businesses, and cleantech [...]

So what tricks can your pet do?

10 Stupid Business Ideas That Made Millions

Let’s face it. For every ten or even a hundred stupid ideas ever considered as a serious business venture, at least one succeeded. Against all odds, these once-laughable business ideas defied logic, market expectations and plain old commonsense, allowing their creators to get the last laugh, all the way to the bank. Below are ten [...]

small business ideas with an exciting spark

10 Small Business Ideas That Are Anything But Boring

While there are people who want to get out of the rat race and start their own business, not everyone has a great small business idea in their head. All too often, the obvious choices are ones that delve into already-crowded areas or niches, so there isn’t a lot of room for an inexperienced new [...]

More and more, the female population is finding out the perks of running a home-based business.

Small Home Business Ideas for Women

It is no longer an unusual scenario for a woman to run a business of her own. If the surveys are any indication, women are, in fact, giving men a run for their money. Between 2002 and 2006, existing female-owned businesses expanded faster than male-owned businesses in 40 states of the US. The female population [...]

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Small Business Ideas that don’t Need Much Startup Capital

  Starting a small business can be expensive. There’s the initial capital outlay, business licensing, and hardware and officeware procurement. If you’re not planning on starting a franchise, then there are a number of small business ideas for less than $5,000 that you can grow from home. Accounting If you have proficient skills in accounting, [...]