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Jimmy Ostholm and Porteur Bikes Transport the Poor Out of Poverty

“A bike can make the difference between going to school or not, making ends meet … or a matter of life.” That’s Porteur’s founder and entrepreneur, Jimmy Ostholm speaking about the mission behind his social enterprise. Their goal is to make bicycle ownership a reality for the millions of people living in developing countries who have never had the opportunity to own one. How Bicycles from Porteur Solve World Issues Those living in abject poverty are usually without a personal form of transportation. They cannot own a vehicle, and most likely don’t own a horse or a bicycle either. It

Inyenyeri’s Carbon-Negative Cookstove is Transforming Rwanda Energy Systems

Selling all of his assets earned as an entrepreneur in the US, Eric Reynolds founded Inyenyeri, a social enterprise set to transform the energy systems in Rwanda and make it the first carbon-negative country in the world. They’re doing this by distributing carbon-negative cookstoves that make it possible for people to prepare food with renewable energy and no harmful emissions while earning money at both ends of the lifecycle of the stove. How Inyenyeri is Solving Deforestation and Fighting Climate Change Through Green Entrepreneurism  Cookstoves contribute to several important

Ending Extreme Poverty within a Generation: Hugh Evans’ The Global Poverty Project

It’s a big job, but Hugh Evans wants to be part of the movement. Entrepreneur and founder of The Global Poverty Project, Hugh is working out his vision to end extreme poverty within a generation by raising awareness and action on the issue of extreme poverty. The expressed goal of the social organization is to increase the number and effectiveness of people taking action to end extreme poverty. The movement is founded on an idea similar to that of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth – to use volunteer presenters to get the message out about extreme poverty around the world. At the core is the

Jason Aramburu Creates re:char to Fight Climate Change, Solve Agriculture Problems

Fighting climate change and food shortages in East Africa, Jason Aramburu’s re:char social enterprise has created innovative products that can be used in developed nations, too. This green entrepreneur for change has his eyes on solving multiple environmental and social problems using triple bottome line thinking to create a revolution in agriculture and sustainability around the world. How re:char is Reinventing Fertilizer and Fighting Global Warming Jason Aramburu started re:char following the 2008 financial crisis after evaluating potential projects to take on following the downturn.

D-Rev Brings High-Impact, Low-Cost Social Innovations to Market

Recognizing that many solutions developed to help people in poverty are ineffective, inappropriate, and often too costly, D-Rev’s mission is to create products that improve the health and incomes of those living on less than $4 per day with practical, affordable solutions. With Krista Donaldson at the head of the social enterprise, D-Rev is meeting this goal, impacting millions of lives with their life-transforming products. How D-Rev is Making Health Products Available to Those Living on $4 or Less Per Day D-Rev’s guiding principle: The idea has to result in a product that will touch

1 lb of Ocean Plastic Gone per Sale via Brian Linton’s United By Blue

It is estimated that over 14 billion pounds of plastic waste enter oceans every single year by human hands. That’s a huge problem for marine wildlife and the beauty of our oceans, too, and it’s an issue entrepreneur Brian Linton wants to draw attention to through his green entrepreneurial venture, United By Blue, one pound at a time. How United By Blue is Cleaning Up the Ocean, One Pound at a Time “Our oceans are not the oceans of our ancestors, teaming with fish and crystal clear for miles and miles. Our oceans are emptier of life—and more full of plastic debris.” That’s the guiding

Water ATMs via Sarvajal Provide 175 Households with Clean, Affordable Water

How do you take economical technology into very rural communities in India in order to solve crushing water shortage problems that cause debilitating waterborne diseases? Create water entrepreneurs, of course! That’s the aim of Sarvajal, a social enterprise started by Anand Shah, a project of Pirmal Foundation. How Sarvajal is Solving Water Quality and Shortage Challenges in India 40 million people in India suffer from waterborne diseases annually, costing the country 73 million working days and $600 million in the process. Solving water quality and shortage problems is an absolute

SOCCKET = Soccer Ball = Portable Generator Thanks to Silverman and Matthews

Kick a ball … turn on a light. That’s the idea behind SOCCKET. An idea from the brains of two ambitious green entrepreneurs – Jessica O. Matthews and Julia Silverman – SOCCKET hopes to end energy poverty and light up the night through child’s play. How entrepreneurs Jessica O. Matthews and Julia Silverman of SOCCKET are Using Child’s Play to Create Renewable Energy With just 30 minutes of soccer playing, kids can generate 3 hours worth of energy to power a light. It’s not exactly child labor, but it sure does put play to good use! We’ve heard about the power issues in developing

Childhood Inspiration Turns Eden Full into Ambitious Solar Entrepreneur

Eden Full is an ambitious young green entrepreneur. Founder of SunSaluter, her aim is to create disruptive solar technology to bring the cost of renewable energy down – for both developed and emerging markets. She believes so strongly in her entrepreneurial vision that she quit school at Princeton to make it a reality! How SunSaluter and Eden Full are Radically Boosting Solar’s Efficiency Eden was in the middle of her Princeton program when she decided to venture to Africa to test her SunSaluter idea – a mechanism that makes it possible for solar panels to rotate to track the sun

100% Biodegradable Bogobrush Helps Disadvantaged Americans Achieve Better Oral Hygiene

The goal is to provide toothbrushes to 10,000 people in need by December 31, 2012, and you can help! Bogobrush is a brand new, totally sustainable toothbrush developed by two green entrepreneurs, brother and sister team, Heather and John McDougall. Their dream is to ensure everyone has proper dental hygiene, while creating a buy one give one toothbrush with a much smaller environmental footprint. How Heather and John McDougall of Bogobrush Created a Biodegradable Toothbrush that Gives Back Americans throw away more than 450 million toothbrushes every year, the majority of which are made