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Alessandro Lanaro and Eco Optics: Changing the Way We See the World

eco optics entrepreneurs for a change people helped imageAll over the world, hundreds of millions of people of all ages have eyesight problems. While those in developed countries with access to the right technology and enough money can buy the corrective eyewear they need, those in poorer countries have to do without. Alessandro Lanaro, with his green start-up Eco Optics, is changing all that.

How Alessandro Lanaro is Bringing Clear Vision to the World

eco optics entrepreneurs for a change logo imageLanaro’s start-up, Eco Optics, creates beautiful and stylish glasses frames from 95% recycled materials, so that the glasses manufactured by the company are more environmentally-friendly than any of their competitors. What’s more, Eco Optics is a partner of OneSight, and the two companies work together to collect used glasses frames and distribute them throughout poorer countries to people who cannot afford to buy their own glasses. If that wasn’t enough, Lanaro’s Eco Optics also plants one tree for every pair of frames that they sell, creating a greener environment.

Lanaro’s mission is to enable every person with eyesight problems to enjoy clarity of vision, even if they can’t afford to purchase their own glasses. According to Eco’s website, 314 million people of all ages across the world have to go without glasses because they can’t afford eye examinations and the right type of treatment. Thanks to Lanaro’s efforts, more and more people on our planet can now enjoy clear vision.

About this Entrepreneur for a Change: Alessandro Lanaro

eco optics entrepreneurs for a change founder imageLanaro is originally from northern Italy, and studied Economics at the Universita’ Ca’ Foscari in Venice. He moved to New York in order to start an optics business, and in 1990 Modo was born.

Modo is a glasses designer and retailer which has a focus on environmentally-friendly products, as a few eco-friendly brands such as 7 For All Mankind are stocked in their stores. However, Lanaro wanted to increase the positive environmental effects of his business, which is why Eco Optics was created in 2008. He focused on creating an environmentally-friendly products and allowing consumers to donate their old glasses easily.

Lanaro’s Eco Optics was named the “greenest specs on the planet” by Fast Company, an online economic journal. What’s more, Lanaro’s program of planting one tree for every pair of glasses sold by his company has resulted in the planting of almost 800,000 trees to date.

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