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Aganza Design Social Entrepreneur Offers B1G1 Lighting to the World’s Poor

Anganza_Solite_Entrepreneurs_for_social_changeIn developing countries, clean, affordable lighting is difficult to come by, due to lack of electricity. To make a difference, Aganza Design’s innovative and forward-thinking CEO and social entrepreneur, Lesley Silverthorn Marincola, spearheaded the creation of lighting devices that aren’t powered electrically. These ingenious devices allow people in developing nations to enjoy bright light that runs on eco-friendly solar energy.

How Aganza Design is Solving Health and Energy Issues in the Third World

Currently, in order to get the lighting that they need, many poor communities are often forced to inhale dangerous kerosene fumes from old-fashioned, kerosene-powered lanterns. Hence, health benefits are one of the main advantages of Aganza Design lighting which was designed to provide clean energy to people in rural areas where electricity is not commonplace. The powerful light produced by the company’s SoLite device offers people living in energy-starved, out-of-the-way areas a chance to enjoy life after sundown.

Social enterprise Aganza DesignThe solar-powered lighting device produced by Aganza Design is free of the dangerous side effects common with the toxic fumes of kerosene lamps (irritation of skin and lungs, as well as neurological and/or kidney problems). The emissions-free lights also offer safety from fire hazards (kerosene is highly flammable).

Aside from the health and safety benefits of using solar-powered lighting, Aganza Design products offer incredible affordability. Instead of paying for expensive, toxic kerosene on a regular basis, users of the SoLite (which lights up an entire room) save up to $150 per year on lighting costs.

This solar lighting system also powers up cell phones and other electronic gadgets, saving people in developing countries plenty of money on disposable batteries. Versatile, practical and planet-friendly, the Aganza SoLite is a cost-effective, easy-to-use choice for people who don’t have access to electricity.

About this Entrepreneur for a Change: Lesley Silverthorn Marincola

Lesley_Silverthorn_Marincola_Entrepreneurs_for_Social_ChangeLesley Silverthorn, who is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Aganza Design, uses her mechanical engineering prowess to make the world a better place. After earning a B.S. in Product Design and an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering (both from Stanford University), Silverthorn Marincola joined the team who created the first wave of Amazon Kindle e-reader devices. In time, Lesley focused her talents on making life easier for poor citizens in developing countries. Her desire to inspire social change through her technical skills gave her the passion and drive necessary to bring Aganza Design into existence.

This social entrepreneur is recognized as a Young Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum, which honors the achievements of social entrepreneurs who are 27 years of age or under. Due to her commitment to bringing clean, low-cost light and energy to deprived areas, Lesley Silverthorn Marincola has demonstrated unparalleled technical acumen, as well as a strong, proactive and inspiring social conscience.

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