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My Name is Lorna Li, and I Am A Changemaker

I like to call myself the Mission Alchemist, because I’ve spent the entirety of my working adult life in pursuit of “right livelihood” – work that is meaningful, ethical, and makes a lasting positive impact.

I always knew that I came here to this Earth for a purpose that was bigger than myself. The quest to discover my true calling lead me to the Roof of the World, through my work in Tibetan Community to the depths of the Amazon Basin, through my work with indigenous shamans.

It was while I was in the Brazilian Amazon that I discovered that my calling had to do with emerging technologies, indigenous wisdom, and transforming business as usual to business for good. Though I knew nothing about Internet technologies, over the past decade, I’ve dedicated myself to the mastery of Internet business.

You Are a Changemaker

Let me guess.

You are on a quest to unite meaning with money. You see business as a powerful opportunity to create positive change in the world. While you have respect for charity, you are passionate about building a profitable, purpose driven business that leaves a massive positive impact, without compromising your lifestyle, sanity, or soul.

Entrepreneurs for a Change is a blog, podcast, and web show that showcases the work of evolutionary entrepreneurs who are changing the world through business for good. We provide actionable business strategies & advice to help worldchanging entrepreneurs leverage the power of the Internet to amplify their message and grow their tribe.

Our vision is a world that is an environmentally sustainable, socially just and spiritually fulfilling human presence on this planet. We realize that in order to accomplish this vision, we need to change the current business paradigm of “profit at all costs” to “profit with principles.”

Our mission is to catalyze a movement of changemaking entrepreneurs to start businesses that address the world’s most pressing concerns through creative business solutions.

We aim to do so in 3 ways:

  • Providing in-depth interviews with successful business changemakers to uncover the step by step process and business strategies that these entrepreneurs used to launch and grow their mission driven companies.
  • Publishing articles, videos, and webinars with practical business advice to help world changing entrepreneurs amplify their message and grow their tribe using the best internet marketing strategies, online tools, and social media.
  • Offering premium online courses that guide aspiring entrepreneurs through every step of the way of launching a world changing business, establishing a magnetic online brand, and leveraging the power of the Internet to reach more people.

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