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[E4C56] Living From The Big Glow Within – Brian Piergrossi

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Our special guest for today is Brian Piergrossi who is a life coach, spiritual teacher, and author of The Big Glow and The Wow of the Now. He leads transformative Big Glow retreats, classes and workshops internationally. Brian has shared his message as a featured guest on numerous radio and television programs. He has lectured at colleges, schools, festivals, expos and conferences. His blog posts are now shared to over half a million readers worldwide each day. He’s written cutting-edge articles for spiritual magazines AND is a professor at Entheos Online Academy.

In this episode, Brian will share with us:

  • 6:27 – How to find your life purpose and do what you love.
  • 13:30 – How to support yourself financially from living your purpose.
  • 17: 39 – Different monetization strategies Brian did to leverage around his purpose-driven business.
  • 20: 12 – How to use Facebook to drive business organically without having to pay for ads.
  • 26:15 – The first step Brian takes to change consciousness in his clients and audience.
  • 28:24 – Brian’s opinion on how to effectively make a change in this world.
“Be the change you want to see in this world” – @BrianTheBigGlow

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In Brian’s masterclass which can be downloaded in the shownotes at www.entrepreneursforachange.com/56, Brian will be teaching us how to monetize your purpose-driven business through webinars and retreats.

In this masterclass, you will learn:

  • 1:10 – How does one make the leap from a soul-sucking job to an inspired, purpose driven life & business?
  • 5:07 – How to avoid a financial disastrous event while making this transition.
  • 8:19 – The most effective marketing channels Brian has used to advertise his business for free.
  • 11:17 – Brian’s experience from giving away free coaching sessions.
  • 13:56 – How and when to charge your clients for your services.
  • 18:28 – How to market retreats and ensure profitability.
  • 29:05 – Different tools to use to conduct webinars.
  • 34:49 – Brian’s methodology and blueprint in creating webinars that sell.


Mentioned in this interview

  • The Wow of the Now
  • The Big Glow
  • Personal Life Coaching 
  • Webinar : Quit your Job & Live Your Purpose 
  • The Big Glow Retreat : Discovering True Intimacy
  • Entheos Online Academy
  • Facebook Ads

 Where to Find Brian

  • Visit Brian’s Website
  • Brian’s Facebook Page
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Full Episode Transcript

0:55 Lorna: Welcome amazing change makers to episode 56 of Entrepreneurs for a Change, where we have as our guest today, Brian Piergrossi, who is a life coach, spiritual teacher and author of The Big Glow and The Wow of Now. He leads transformational big glow retreats, classes, and workshops internationally. He’s also shared his message as a featured guest on numerous radio and television programs. He’s lectured at colleges, schools, festivals, expos, and conferences; and his blog posts are shared to over half a million readers worldwide each day. Wow, that’s amazing. And he has also written cutting edge articles for spiritual magazines and is a professor at Entheos Online Academy.

1:40 So, Brian, this is very exciting accomplishments that you’ve made around sharing your message and your purpose with the world, so I’d love to understand who you are and what is your business exactly?

1:53 Brian: Thank you so much, Lorna. Thank you for having me on. And yes, it’s been a great journey you’ve made from soul sucking job to living one’s life purpose, and being an entrepreneur, and doing what I love, and supporting myself financially and doing what I love. And the message that I feel is important to share with the world.

2:11 I mean, that Itself is a part of the messages that I share with people was that it’s possible to live on purpose and live in alignment as I call it and live as a life artist as I call it, creating everyday way that [inaudible 0:01:31] to create it and being of service and benefits to others and all beings in doing so.

2:32 So for myself, I do that through writing; I’ve published a couple of books, The Wow and Now and The Big Glow. The titles of those two books I do it through personal life coaching, and supporting people, and coming in to their alignment in various ways that are supported for them and do it through retreats, bringing people together in person to open up to this phase together, and online classes, and webinars as well.

2:57 I also have a strong social networking presence on Facebook in particular. I have a community of folks there that I interact with, and those are some of the ways of sharing myself with the world right now.

3:11 Lorna: So who exactly do you help?

3:13 Brian: Well, that’s a great question when it comes to business is who exactly do you help? Who is your audience? I think it’s always getting from myself. Anyway, I’m always inquiring into that because it’s changing, and evolving, and growing, and kind of getting a sense of who is it that is interested in what I had to share, where they’re at, and…

3:30 A lot of it is people that are trying to find their purpose, or trying to find their way, or in this phase whether it’s some confusion, or there’s some kind of lack of clarity, or maybe they still don’t have the courage to really step in to their deepest sense of self-actualization and self-realization in this life yet and looking for the way to do that.

3:51 Sometimes, it’s also people who struggle with things like anxiety or issues on a conscious level that they’re looking to transcend and with my support with that and the spiritual teacher role, and the life coach role as well.

4:05 A lot of what I focus on is in the inner level. I do feel and do communicate that both levels are important, the internal level and the external level, to make this shift in your life. For me, I find that level of consciousness as primary because you can make a lot of changes externally. But if you don’t have that shift in consciousness that mentality that change in the mind, heart, and spirit, and soul, and body, then the externals is not getting whole, is not going to sustain itself.

4:33 So, my passion is to focus on the conscious level with someone first or with a group of individuals first and get that clarity and that connection there and then bring that into the external level and move outward from there.

4:47 Lorna: Yeah, I completely agree with you that change really is a process that has to begin from the inside out. And especially if we are looking towards leading change through a profitable purpose-driven business, I think it’s really difficult just to start with the outer framework of business. You really have to start looking within first and trying to actually be the change that you want to see.

5:15 And especially, I think with entrepreneurs, working with limiting beliefs is a really important place to start and then of course identifying the leadership qualities that you want embody because you are stepping forward as a business leader, so I think absolutely starting with the consciousness is critical. And I truly believe that every person on this planet has really come into this world with a calling that they and only they with their special gifts can truly accomplish or achieve but there is a special job out of there for you that you were born to do and it’s your choice to decide whether you want to discover with that purpose is and then claim that calling.

6:02 So, I’m curious to know. I know a lot of the folks in my audience are a little confused about how to go about discovering what their purpose actually is, especially, when a lot of their mental capacity is occupied by the daily grind of life and their responsibilities at their job, so how do you grow about finding your life purpose and doing what you love?

6:27 Brian: Yes, great question. And I think sometime as you allude it to people tend to make the question a little bit too complicated or kind of a step ahead, what I would advise and do advise the people is to be as simple with that question as possible.

6:40 When you start with that question, just be with that question. At this point don’t be caught up in, “How, am I going to get money? How am I going to pay my rent? What about my relationship?” Those questions are valid but they’ll come later. But for this primary question, just really tune in to what do you love to deal with. If you could have a day, if you could have a week, if you could have a month, a year, a lifetime, and you could do whatever you want to do without any sense of limitation, as you said people limit themselves – the outside world is not limiting the people – we’re limiting ourselves. And so if you could do whatever you wanted to do whenever you feel a call to do it without any sense of limitation, anything that’s possible, what would you do and put the money part aside at this point them on any part of the side at this point and really step in to that question and fill in to that question.

7:23 And if you really come from that question in a simple way like that, the answer generally comes forward pretty simple and a lot of times you can just look at you have free time in your day, what you want to do with that free time? How would you want to share that time, and what are you doing with that time, and what is it in the space in the day when you’re really doing what you love? And the more that you’re doing what you love then the more you’re in the space of love throughout the day and you’re sharing that love with others throughout the day and that’s how you tune in to what is it you love and what is your purpose here on this planet.

7:54 Lorna: So, I’m kind a curious whether what your process was for discovering your life purpose. So when I think about how I discovered my life purpose, it really came to me in 2004 when I spend four months in the Brazilian Amazon with tribes working with shamanic medicine. And so, even though it wasn’t kind of like a shabam-aha moment, so to speak, it was kind of like the culmination of many years of feeling like, “I really want to be in service in a much bigger way than what I did for a living.”

8:24 And then it was a process of exploring different forms of right livelihood so how to find a way to generate income that was when in alignment with my purpose was. But then when I was in Brazil, it really kind of came to me over the course of weeks and months that it was going to be my purpose was intrinsically tied to ancient wisdom traditions and to cutting edge technologies, which at that time I had no idea how to do anything other than to send email.

8:52 So that was a very interesting journey that kind of launched my career as an internet marketer but not everyone necessarily has that that really powerful transformational moment, so I’m curious how you arrived at your purpose and how did you discover what you love to do, what’s your entrepreneurial story?

9:11 Brian: So in my free time, when I am free, I would study spirituality. I would spend a lot of time reading books about spirituality that’s particularly inspired by eastern spirituality but I was inspired by spiritually belief really anywhere that had spoke to me around the world, different times, different places, different teachers or authors. And that was my passion and I noticed that people would come to me for advice and they seemed to be benefiting by what I was sharing with them based on the realizations that I was coming to and come to.

9:45 And so I was giving as much time as I could to that and I felt this real passion for that and it’s a purpose around that. And then at this point of my life, I had a part time job and I was working at a preschool and this was just the kind of, “Pay the bills,” as they say and have a rent and a food so I could keep doing what I love if you found this passion that I had.

10:05 And I just increasingly was disliking this job. It was a soul sucking job, as you say a lot of bureaucracy and a lot things that I had conform to. I didn’t feel in alignment with and beyond that, it just wasn’t my calling with this lifetime. So, it was starting to sort of eat at me more and more and it was starting to hurt my soul, it was going to suck my soul more and more.

10:28 And so, the story is that one night I just was feeling this really strongly, intensely, and I felt that I need to go for a walk; I just need some walk in, so this was late at night maybe like midnight or something. And I just went outside and started walking and it started raining. And I was just so immersed in this energy that it was like impervious with the rain. I didn’t even really notice it was raining, so I just walking in the rain, and walking, and walking, and walking, and walking through like most at nights just nowhere in particular just walking, and walking, and walking.

11:00 And I had a sense that during that transformational few hours, there is a sense that I just can’t do this anymore. And the way it came to me was I can’t live a divided life. I can’t live in a way where these two separate parts of me are not coexisting and they really want to come together. And as you said I really want to generate my income by doing what I feel is the deepest call of my soul, has the deepest sense of meaning, and inspiration, and purpose, and deepest call of my heart and can be it is for the highest benefit of all beings as well.

11:36 And so, I just had this clarity that at point, for me, and the journey is different for everybody but this is my particular journey. I didn’t know exactly how I was going to make this next step yet but I knew that I couldn’t continue the way I was anymore.

11:52 So, the next day, I went into my job and I told them that I was going to be leaving and give a three weeks’ notice I was going to leave my job. The place I was living didn’t feel alignment for me either a lot of things going on there, alcohol and drugs, and so forth. And I told them that I was leaving there as well in three weeks.

12:12 So, at that point, I knew in three weeks I would have no job and nowhere to live and I better get going fast.

12:20 Lorna: Put that fire under your ass. Sometimes you got to do what you got to do, man, and just trust that the universe is going to catch you after you take that leap because at a certain point some folks is kind of do it gradually, other folks just decide they had enough.

12:39 Brian: Yeah. And I agree it’s different for everybody, so I’m not recommending that path for everyone, but for some people that is the way it goes where it’s kind of like, “I don’t know exactly how can I do this but I know I’m not doing this anymore,” and that empathy makes you really push you get that next step that leap in to being in the manifestation.

12:58 Lorna: Yes. So, I’m very excited to later on be able to dive into the topic of how to monetize your purpose which you’ll be offering for your master class, The Keys to Monetizing Your Mission Through Webinars and Retreats. But going back to this point in times so I can understand and our listeners can understand, how long did it take you from that point of just taking that leap to be able to generate a viable living through your passion? I’m so curious about what that journey was like.

13:30 Brian: Yeah, well, that’s a great question the good part of that question is what is considered a viable living. For myself and I think for most people, there is always a level of purpose that we can go to of empowerment and actualization, so I feel like for me I’m not finished, I’m still on this path, but was beautiful for me is that I can wake up every day and I can do what I love and I can set my own schedule and my own time. I can be where I want to be and I’m living the life that I want to live that I don’t want to leave and supporting myself in doing it.

13:57 So I feel like from that sense there is this great sense of success of having accomplished that and the journey continues. And how long it took, that’s a good question. It took some time and I think that’s important for people to be patient and really not give up, persevere, and be open to the changes and shifts that can happen. I found very creative ways to live quite simply for a while with very minimal needs. And sometimes that’s an important part this equation too is a lot of times I think people are given this [inaudible 0:13:37]. They are looking a lot at the income aspect but they don’t always look as much as the expenses aspects and there’s two parts that equation.

14:40 So, I was very creative for a while in keeping my expenses very minimal and allowed the income to just slowly rise, and was able to follow this path, and follow the adventure in a roller coaster that it was and that it is.

14:54 Lorna: Yeah, I would definitely agree with you on the fact that about creating a purpose-driven business does take time because the main difference between a purpose-driven business and just a regular business where you’re selling stuff to make money is that one that is purpose-driven tends to be aligned with the greater good. And so to be able to monetize a business that is in alignment and supports and advances a greater good is truly an art. It takes a lot of finesse and a lot of soul searching whereas and if you just wanted to sell stuff online I think a lot of people can sell stuff online, but at the end of the day do you feel good about what you’re selling?

15:36 And it’s interesting because for me one of the main moves that I made in order to manage my expenses when I became an entrepreneur was to actually leave the Bay Area which is a very, very expensive and increasingly more expensive place to live. And I decided to become a digital nomad and go overseas so that I could really build my business and invest in the mentorship and the team that I needed to really be able to run my business, so I could have much more flexibility and be able to know that things are running without me actually having to do every little thing, right?

16:11 And so that is the strategy that I see a lot of entrepreneurs make. So there are hubs of entrepreneurship in Saigon, Vietnam, Chiang Mai, Thailand where I was based for quiet sometime. Medellin, Columbia where there are folks that are just building their businesses and enjoying a higher dollar for culture ratio than they would back home.

16:35 They also engage in geoarbitrage where they’re be able to make money in the western economies and then spend it in the locale where they live like overseas where it’s a lot cheaper like everything, food, rent, and just like going out is so much cheaper like the cost of living in Chiang Mai.

16:55 The cost of living a five star luxury life where you can eat out every single meal, have gym membership, getting massages is literarily $1,200 a month.

17:05 Brian: Yeah.

17:09 Lorna: That’s definitely an option for people if you don’t have specific family ties that will keep your location down.

17:15 So, I’m curious to know like what other… talking about like the different levels of financial success. In terms of getting to that first level of able to pay your rent and pay for your food in the United States, what different monetization strategies did you leverage around your purpose-driven business?

17:39 Brian: Well, my primary – I started with life coaching, personal life coaching. Primarily what I was doing, I was just exploring. I mean, a lot of my promotion was free and that it was through social networking. When I first started, I was using Craigslist and had some energy through there as well. I mean, that’s the one thing if you do just kind of cold turkey, quit your job, and you have a little bit of savings, a little bit of support network from family, you can give yourself to this all day long.

18:10 So, I had it all day long to get the stuff out there and promoted. And I just started to see things start to trickle back and I would say, “Okay, well, when I do this, this is not working. When I do this, this seemed to work. Let me try that again,” “Okay, that’s working more let me try that,” “Oh, that one is not working as much. Let me… I heard about this and try this.” And so, you just tinker and play.

18:29 And the thing is, is that this world is global, and economy, this universe is always evolving and changing, so no matter where we are we got to always be present and have that presence of awareness to what’s happening right now, and what’s working right now, and what’s not working right now, and continue to evolve, and change, and shifts.

18:48 I think one of the greatest attributes of an entrepreneur is to be very malleable, and flexible, and fluid to able to flow and move with what you’re noticing, and what you’re seeing, and continually be able to adapt to what you’re seeing. And so that’s kind of how I was and how I am and just pay attention to, especially now, the things are changing even faster and faster now.

19:08 I would use Facebook a certain way a month ago that now I was a change of rules and doesn’t work that way. And now I got to try, find a different way to use it, use something else. I’m always been attentive to what’s happening now and how I can shift in just with the circumstances in each given moment.

19:28 Lorna: So what channels actually drive the most business for you?

19:31 Brian: My primary way has been social networking and through Facebook. I would say, that’s my primary channel of growing people’s awareness of me and interest in me and one of course, bring them to my personal website and other places where they can actually pay for the services but as far as the actual initial awareness and promotion, social networking has been good for me and obviously there can be cost but I use advertising for the most part and I’ve learned how to do that fairly well.

20:02 Lorna: I’m curious. Can you share with us how you use Facebook to drive business organically rather than purchasing ads for example?

20:12 Brian: Yeah. I can actually. I think for me, people just glad to ask the question. I think it will be useful for people. I find there’s three parts – three components to the social networking. One is to share with people the gift that what you have to share, just do your post. So for me, it’s a spiritual insights and writings on spiritual awareness, presence of awareness. So I share those with people. I post those out there and the people will see that and will say, “Oh, I like this. I can share this to people. I can share something with my friends.”

20:47 So people start to, if what you’re sharing is good as quality, people start to notice. So if you’re sharing if what you have to share as entrepreneurship or living your purpose, then share some insights with people. You put that up there for people and give them a taste of what you have to share, that what you have to share is valuable and inspirational and it’s transformational for them and then share it with their friends and their friends for the same, share it with their friends. So that’s one component.

21:12 Second component is to share a little bit about you. So it’s like you’re a real person, it’s like you’re a human being; you don’t feel like someone that can’t connect with. They have no clue who you actually are. Who’s the man behind the curtain or the woman behind the curtain? So give a little bit of a sense of what may be your daily life is or a little sense that they’ll feel a part of you, they’re part of your life and you’re really a human being. That’s a second component that I intend to give a sense of. And the third is the promotion: promoting actual events, the actual webinars, the actual works for class, whatever it is that you have to share. So basically, you have to share with people like, “Hey, if you like to plug in deeper into this, knowledge, this wisdom I have to share with you here is you can do it.

21:55 If you plug in to this, here’s how you can do it,” and so, you’re basically what I see is like co-marketing and promotion is really just good communication and creating a sense of community with people and offering them ways to plug in deeper in those ways or ways to support you financially, so you can keep offering yourself and sharing yourself in this way with people.

22:17 Lorna: Okay. So I have some questions around your process, definitely does seem pretty straightforward. Now, I notice in terms of sharing your thoughts and insights, you share them as a link to a blog post that you wrote or do you share them as one big long update? Do you find this one that works better than the other?

22:40 Brian: I do share it within Facebook. My sense is like I think that I understand the benefits of you sharing as blog post and I’ve done that a few times and I’m open to that doing more things that way especially since Facebook is making some changes right now but I find that a lot of people don’t take this minor effort to take to log off Facebook and go on to another page and if you can at least put it there, at least initially for getting started to keep it and having chance of reading it, it really share what you have to say and that will inspire them more to go off to other sites or off to other things that you have at a future point.

23:16 Lorna: Yeah, I kind of noticed the same thing too. I noticed people that write big long soul bearing updates, tend to get a lot of visibility and a lot of comments whereas the same type of content, when shared as a blog post doesn’t seem to necessarily get that. It’s like people are so lazy, they’re just not going to click on Facebook.

23:37 Brian: Exactly.

23:38 Lorna: It’s fascinating. Great and then, do you share only within your existing friend networks or you’re sharing these insights and updates into other groups that you’re a part of?

23:49 Brian: Yeah, I try to get it out there, certainly the intention is it reaches it as wide as possible. So unless there’s some reason that it’s not, but generally speaking the intention is to share it with everyone and that’s the thing about Facebook is that you share something that’s inspiring that moves people. All you have to do is click that share button and then it goes to their network of people.

24:10 In an ideal situation, when you’re really rolling, you can get into space where what you’re sharing is being shared with people beyond what we call viral, right? It’s going beyond in your own network of friends to other people that work as friends and beyond to the network of friends.

24:25 Lorna: How often do you post into groups versus update your own personal profile?

24:29 Brian: I’m in a good flow every day. I post at least once a day.

24:33 Lorna: To the other groups?

24:34 Brian: Yeah, not like a large quantity but I have my own group that I started and I post in there and maybe I’ll post it a few others.

24:44 Lorna: Oh, cool. Is your group open? What is it?

24:47 Brian: Yeah, it’s the Big Glow community.

24:50 Lorna: Oh, cool. How many folks do you have in there right now?

24:53 Brian: That one is based for people come to my retreats. It is open. It’s just been based like who is initially basis of reunion; I think we have close to 350 people.

25:05 Lorna: Cool.

25:06 Brian: Yeah, right now.

25:07 Lorna: Yeah, awesome. I think when groups get too big; it starts to lose the sense of intimacy.

25:12 Brian: Yeah.

25:14 Lorna: Great. I look forward to hearing about some more of your different marketing strategies especially around your webinars and retreats in your master class which folks you can get the show notes at entrepreneursforchange.com/56 but I do want to leave you with the last few questions, since we’re coming to the end of our segment.

25:37 So, in the very beginning of our conversation, Brian, you had mentioned one of the most important first steps to really finding and living your purpose, is to start with your consciousness.

25:52 So, what do you tend to start people off with in the very beginning? When you say, “Okay, we’re going to work together right now and we’re going to start with changing your consciousness,” how do you work with your clients or the people who come to your retreats on changing their consciousness? They’re ready to make a real big difference in the world.

26:15 Brian: Yeah, well, they may think it’s the [inaudible 25:27] of the road. No, there is that sense that I’m making a change but then we have consciousness. You said we have unconsciously limiting beliefs systems that thought patterns that can come to the surface that we didn’t know were there, that are hitting us from transcending moving forward into the space of really living on purpose and living this life and this lifestyle on purpose.

26:44 My intention is just to ask the right questions to bring those unconsciously [inaudible 26:51] to the surface and if they’re brought into awareness, then they have to be transcended and one of the, I think, really powerful questions which I mentioned earlier but it is one of the initial questions I think it’s important to ask is, if anything is possible, what do you want to create with your life and really people to think to be that question, I think that’s a struggle because they didn’t have like thinking those terms they’re not used to it. Right away, we want to limit ourselves. “Well, I can’t do this; I can’t do that.” This situation or that situation.

27:21 But if you can really just put all that aside and really just ask that question like a child does, like a 4-year old, 5-year old child that way just imagine and dream and have no sense of limitation and just really tap in to that any sense of walls or barriers what it is you’re called to share in this world and what your purpose is if anything was possible and to be able to articulate that and write that out and then go from there as a starting point to everything else that comes after that point. I think that’s really powerful initial starting point.

27:54 Lorna: Yes, I completely agree. When you have a point of reference to what will drive and inspire you every day, you could always go back to that place, right? I’m curious to know, this is one of my favourite questions to ask. How can you make a real difference in the world? What is the most effective way to change the world, in your opinion, Brian, since you work for a lot of people in this capacity? What have you discovered?

28:24 Brian: Yeah. I have to say, I think you said the phrase earlier. Being a change, you want to see in a world and it’s important for us [inaudible 28:32] perspective and also just from the success from a business perspective to really live these principles as best we can every day, the highest intention that we want to share with others, so we’re emanating that vibration, we emanating that energy out of our being and through that emanates out, radiates out and brings the manifestation and brings the result of that vibrational consciousness that we’re in now.

28:57 I mean you folks, I think are aware of this something evolved attraction which states like attracts like and so, this choose are articulated in different ways, in different [29:07 inaudible], in different teachings but as I see, they point to the same thing which is the consciousness and vibration, the energy, the radiance, the clarity that you’re bringing in this moment right now as an individual is what reflects, what comes back to you overtime. So it really bring ourselves back to this moment and where am I right now and taking that a sense of empowerment responsibility to be living from this place and we are embodying this truth and the fruits of that will come into being.

29:36 Lorna: Very powerful words right there. Thank you so much for sharing with us your story and your message. Brian, how can we best stay in touch with you?

29:46 Brian: My website is thebigglow.com, T-H-E-B-I-G-G-L-O-W dot com and I did mention Facebook. You can find me there as well. Just search my name on there and I think I’ll pop up.

29:58 Lorna: Awesome. Thank you so much and you have a beautiful day.

30:02 Brian: Thanks, you too, Lorna.


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Lorna Li is a business coach, entrepreneur and Amazon rainforest crusader, with a passion for green business, social enterprise, and indigenous wisdom. She helps changemaking entrepreneurs harness the power of the Internet to reach more people and make a bigger impact, while designing the lifestyle of their dreams. She is an Internet marketing consultant to changemakers, and works with innovative tech startups, sustainable brands, social enterprises & B-Corporations on SEO, SEM & Social Media marketing.
Lorna Li
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