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Brooks Dame of Proof Eyewear: Social Enterprise with an Ethical Edge

Brooks Dame - Entrepreneurs for Change - Example of product

In the Amazonian rainforest alone, an estimated three football pitches of trees is felled every 60 seconds. Brooks Dame is the social entrepreneur behind Proof Eyewear, a fashion brand manufacturing wooden sunglasses in a sustainable way. Brooks Dame is Working to Create Sustainable Eyewear that Protects Forests Brooks Dame had devised an exciting idea for a business. He adored how wood felt on his fingertips, and was inspired by his grandpa to create a brand offering wooden accessories to the masses. Aware of the sustainability issues surrounding the use of wood worldwide, Dame decided

Beth Doane: The Entrepreneur Making Fashionable Tees Organic, Ethical

Beth Doane - Entrepreneur for Change

After starting a business that specialized in imports and exports, Beth Doane realized that the fashion industry was placing the wellbeing of factory workers and the environment at risk. Inspired to become a social entrepreneur, she started RainTees, where every purchase of a T-shirt gives something back to Central America. How Beth Doane is Solving the Problems of Mass Production Beth Doane initially started Andira International, a business that aimed to import – and export – fashion products worldwide. It was during her travels that she realized the severe consequences that the