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Jimmy Ostholm and Porteur Bikes Transport the Poor Out of Poverty

Porteur social enterprise - bicycles

“A bike can make the difference between going to school or not, making ends meet … or a matter of life.” That’s Porteur’s founder, Jimmy Ostholm speaking about the mission behind his social enterprise. Their goal is to make bicycle ownership a reality for the millions of people living in developing countries who have never had the opportunity to own one. How Bicycles from Porteur Solve World Issues Those living in abject poverty are usually without a personal form of transportation. They cannot own a vehicle, and most likely don’t own a horse or a bicycle either. It is estimated that

Inyenyeri’s Carbon-Negative Cookstove is Transforming Rwanda Energy Systems

Inyenyeri - social enterprise Rwanda

Selling all of his assets earned as an entrepreneur in the US, Eric Reynolds founded Inyenyeri, a social enterprise set to transform the energy systems in Rwanda and make it the first carbon-negative country in the world. They’re doing this by distributing carbon-negative cookstoves that make it possible for people to prepare food with renewable energy and no harmful emissions while earning money at both ends of the lifecycle of the stove. How Inyenyeri is Solving Deforestation and Fighting Climate Change Cookstoves contribute to several important environmental issues. Rural Rwandans