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Ending Extreme Poverty within a Generation: Hugh Evans’ The Global Poverty Project

hugh evans global poverty project

It’s a big job, but Hugh Evans wants to be part of the movement. Founder of The Global Poverty Project, Hugh is working out his vision to end extreme poverty within a generation by raising awareness and action on the issue of extreme poverty. The expressed goal of the organization is to increase the number and effectiveness of people taking action to end extreme poverty. The movement is founded on an idea similar to that of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth – to use volunteer presenters to get the message out about extreme poverty around the world. At the core is the believe that campaigning

Jason Aramburu Creates re:char to Fight Climate Change, Solve Agriculture Problems

re-char biochar kiln

Fighting climate change and food shortages in East Africa, Jason Aramburu’s re:char social enterprise has created innovative products that can be used in developed nations, too. This entrepreneur for change has his eyes on solving multiple environmental and social problems using triple bottome line thinking to create a revolution in agriculture and sustainability around the world. How re:char is Reinventing Fertilizer and Fighting Global Warming Jason Aramburu started re:char following the 2008 financial crisis after evaluating potential projects to take on following the downturn. Having