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D-Rev Brings High-Impact, Low-Cost Social Innovations to Market

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Recognizing that many solutions developed to help people in poverty are ineffective, inappropriate, and often too costly, D-Rev’s mission is to create products that improve the health and incomes of those living on less than $4 per day with practical, affordable solutions. With Krista Donaldson at the head of the organization, D-Rev is meeting this goal, impacting millions of lives with their life-transforming products. How D-Rev is Making Health Products Available to Those Living on $4 or Less Per Day D-Rev’s guiding principle: The idea has to result in a product that will touch

1 lb of Ocean Plastic Gone per Sale via Brian Linton’s United By Blue

United By Blue - Trash Ticker - green entrepreneurs

It is estimated that over 14 billion pounds of plastic waste enter oceans every single year by human hands. That’s a huge problem for marine wildlife and the beauty of our oceans, too, and it’s an issue Brian Linton wants to draw attention to through his green entrepreneurial venture, United By Blue, one pound at a time. How United By Blue is Cleaning Up the Ocean, One Pound at a Time “Our oceans are not the oceans of our ancestors, teaming with fish and crystal clear for miles and miles. Our oceans are emptier of life—and more full of plastic debris.” That’s the guiding concern of