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Water ATMs via Sarvajal Provide 175 Households with Clean, Affordable Water

Sarvajal - water for all social entrepreneurs2

How do you take economical technology into very rural communities in India in order to solve crushing water shortage problems that cause debilitating waterborne diseases? Create water entrepreneurs, of course! That’s the aim of Sarvajal, a social enterprise started by Anand Shah, a project of Pirmal Foundation. How Sarvajal is Solving Water Quality and Shortage Challenges in India 40 million people in India suffer from waterborne diseases annually, costing the country 73 million working days and $600 million in the process. Solving water quality and shortage problems is an absolute

SOCCKET = Soccer Ball = Portable Generator Thanks to Silverman and Matthews

Soccket - powering play renewably

Kick a ball … turn on a light. That’s the idea behind SOCCKET. An idea from the brains of two ambitious social entrepreneurs – Jessica O. Matthews and Julia Silverman – SOCCKET hopes to end energy poverty and light up the night through child’s play. How Jessica O. Matthews and Julia Silverman of SOCCKET are Using Child’s Play to Create Renewable Energy With just 30 minutes of soccer playing, kids can generate 3 hours worth of energy to power a light. It’s not exactly child labor, but it sure does put play to good use! We’ve heard about the power issues in developing countries over and