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100% Biodegradable Bogobrush Helps Disadvantaged Americans Achieve Better Oral Hygiene

Bogobrush - biodegradable toothbrushThe goal is to provide toothbrushes to 10,000 people in need by December 31, 2012, and you can help! Bogobrush is a brand new, totally sustainable toothbrush developed by two green entrepreneurs, brother and sister team, Heather and John McDougall. Their dream is to ensure everyone has proper dental hygiene, while creating a buy one give one toothbrush with a much smaller environmental footprint.

How Heather and John McDougall of Bogobrush Created a Biodegradable Toothbrush that Gives Back

Americans throw away more than 450 million toothbrushes every year, the majority of which are made from non-biodegradable materials like plastic. That’s a lot of materials waste. Yet despite all of these trashed toothbrushes, 80 million people in the US go without adequate dental care every year. These two entrepreneurs want to do something about the resource waste issue while also benefitting those who cannot afford good oral health for themselves.

These were the goals behind Bogobrush, a new 100% biodegradable toothbrush made with a bamboo handle and bioplastic bristles. Simply throw your Bogobrush in the compost pile where they estimate the bamboo will biodegrade in a few months, and the bristles in about four months. And don’t worry, just because your toothbrush is made of biodegradable materials doesn’t mean it’ll degrade while you use it. It’s designed to withstand multiple uses per day without wearing down.

Of course, with a name like Bogobrush, it’s no surprise that they have developed a buy-one-give-one program to help provide free toothbrushes for those in need. The initial goal of the social enterprise is to provide 10,000 new toothbrushes to Americans who lack access to good oral hygiene. Bogobrush will be sending the donated toothbrushes to one of their giving partners for distribution.

You can get involved before December 31, 2012 to help them reach their goal by pre-ordering: $10 gets you one toothbrush (and donates one to a person in need), whereas a year’s subscription for $40 ensures you receive one toothbrush every 3 months so you never run out (and triggers 4 toothbrushes to be donated to people in need). After this initial campaign, the toothbrushes will be available in select retail locations in the US and for order internationally online.

About this Entrepreneur for a Change

John and Heather grew up as children of two dental professionals, and so have always had a passion for good oral hygiene. Yet their educational paths took them in different directions. While John chose to focus on design, Heather chose to study law.

Yet after graduating, they got to talking and realized they wanted to do something to make the world better, and so put their collective talents to solving the environmental and cost-related toothbrush problems. Bogobrush is the result.

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