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10 Small Business Ideas That Are Anything But Boring

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While there are people who want to get out of the rat race and start their own business, not everyone has a great small business idea in their head. All too often, the obvious choices are ones that delve into already-crowded areas or niches, so there isn’t a lot of room for an inexperienced new player to make a name for himself. The more specialized markets can become daunting due to the amount of specific knowledge or skill needed. Finally, there is the perception that a small business idea sitting somewhere in the middle can be a bit on the dull side.

However, there are still areas worth tapping for profit, if you have the experience, enthusiasm and wherewithal to enter the market.

* Product Personalization

One of the most common trends these days is people wanting to “personalize” their everyday items, giving a lot of potential as a small business idea. They’re not content to have a branded bag or shirt anymore; it has to be altered to have their name and their chosen image on it. This is a great way to both exercise a little creativity – especially for customers who have an idea what they want, but aren’t sure of the specifics – and make a profit at the same time.

* Services to Home-based Businesses

Consider this: more and more people are starting to work from home or even start a home-based business. This has had the side-effect of creating an entirely new niche to tap into. A business that is based on providing services to home-based employees and businesses has a market it can tap, into and a host of challenges to keep even the sharpest businessman’s attention, as far as small business ideas go.

* Trainers

Knowing how to do something better than anyone else is a valuable skill. Valuable enough, in fact, that people will pay to be taught. Learning new skills has become a major objective of many people since the recession hit, so people who can train others in virtually anything – from baking to public speaking to web design – are going to be in demand. Add in some resource materials or references to the personal or virtual training program, and this small business idea is ready to take off.

* Wedding Planners

Everyone has seen at least one movie or show where the bride panics over the details of the wedding. While not always true, it does reflect how much stress can go into planning that kind of affair. This makes being a wedding planner a small business idea with a kick. Organizational skills, people skills, creativity, the ability to foster strategic relationships and just the right eye for decoration are the core competencies of this business.

* Reviewers

As small business ideas go, becoming a reviewer is particularly intriguing. The basic concept is to simply be paid to review or critique nearly anything, from movies to books to restaurants and everything in between. The perks are that, more often than not, the use of whatever is going to be reviewed has already been paid for. It also gives one the opportunity to take a closer look at a number of ventures and connect with a lot of people.

* Crowdsourcing Services

This is certainly among the most recent developments, as far as small business ideas are concerned. Companies are becoming more and more interested in what their actual customers have to say, so it isn’t a bad small business idea to establish a way to connect the big business to their customers. By connecting the business to the crowd, it eliminates the need for market research and gives the big companies a direct line to their customers. It isn’t surprising to see major corporations pay top dollar for that kind of connection.

* Business For A Cause

People like to give, or at least like to have the appearance of giving. Therefore, it isn’t that bad of a small business idea to play the part of a charitable benefactor. Things like planting a tree or paying for an impoverished child’s meals for one day for every contract with the business makes for great promotional material and excellent public relations, for both sides of the agreement.

* Online Business

The main advantage of an online business is that it requires less money, in both starting capital and maintenance costs. Almost any small business idea can be taken online to reduce the total cost. This is very challenging, though, especially since a lot of markets are starting to get saturated, even online.

* Personal Shoppers

For some people, there is little that is more appealing than being paid to go shopping. This small business idea involves shopping for someone else, but the principle is the same. Most expenses are paid for by the one who wants the shopping done, and many of them give the personal shopper quite a bit of leeway when it comes to working hours.

* “Networking” Business

Connecting people to other people who have something they need or want is an intriguing small business idea. Businessmen to potential partners, investors to entrepreneurs – there are a lot of potential connections that people can have trouble establishing without help. Help they’re willing to pay for. Getting into this also helps the businessman make his own connections.

A small business idea not in a high-impact niche doesn’t have to be boring. There are a lot of places where an entrepreneur can find excitement and turn a profit without having to dip into crowded parts of the business world. As an example, here are 10 unique business ideas.

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