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What Web Hosting Company Should I Choose?


xWhat-Webhosting-CompanyPart of building a kickass website is by choosing your hosting company to serve your domain. How do you know which hosting companies are reliable and which are not? This is an important early step in building your website because you’ll want a web host that you can easily depend on that won’t cause you problems later down the road.

In this video, you will learn:

  • The four criteria to look at in selecting a web host
  • How the applications you will use affects your decision making process
  • What happens when you exceed your bandwidth limits

Topics Covered in this Video

00:00 What web hosting company should I choose?
00:43 The first criteria for deciding what web hosting company to choose
01:04 The second thing to look at when deciding what web hosting company to choose
01:38 A third consideration to look at
02:27 Another consideration to look at

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