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Putting Used Kids Clothes in their Place: Sharon Schneider and Good Karma Clothing for Kids

Good Karma Clothing For Kids Entrepreneurs for a Change in action imageIf you’re a parent, you’ll know how quickly children go through their clothes. Sharon Schneider is trying to help reduce the quantity of discarded children’s clothes in the world, while also cutting the costs of being a parent with a young child through her entrepreneurial endeavors.

How Sharon Schneider, a Determined Green Entrepreneur and Good Karma Clothing for Kids are Reducing Textile Waste

Schneider’s social enterprise, Good Karma Clothing for Kids, allows parents with young children to subscribe to a service which sends them gently worn, good quality baby clothes. As the child grows, parents can send back clothes which have been outgrown, and in turn they receive new clothes in a size that will fit their child.

One of the main benefits for parents is that the service is incredibly time- and cost-effective. Not only can parents avoid spending hours trawling the stores searching for baby clothes to fit their child, but they can also save money. Additionally, the service is environmentally friendly, as it reduces the volume of high-quality clothes sent to landfill and instead repurposes those clothes, giving them to families who will make use of them.

Good Karma Clothing for Kids is therefore attempting to tackle the problem of excess trash and resource consumption simultaneously. Schneider claims that, “babies go through seven sizes of clothing in the first two years”, and after all these clothes are outgrown, many of them are thrown away as waste instead of being recycled or donated. Schneider’s service ensures that these clothes are reused by different families, and only disposed of when they are no longer usable.

About This Entrepreneur for a Change: Sharon Schneider

Good Karma Clothing For Kids Entrepreneurs for a Change founder imageSchneider studied at the University of Toledo and the University of Pennsylvania. After her studies, she went on to work with charitable organizations, including the Pew Charitable Trusts and Foundation Source. For a long time, she has been interested in philanthropy and the development of consumerism, and especially the concept she refers to as “collaborative consumerism.”

Schneider’s inspiration for Good Karma Clothing for Kids hit her after her baby niece was born, and she was packing up some of her daughter’s old baby clothes. She felt there was a need for a central headquarters which could collect and dispense gently worn baby clothes so that everybody could access them. This resulted in her creation of Good Karma Clothing for Kids, which won the COMMON Pitch NYC award.

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