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Should I Use A Free Website for My Business?



If you’re in the beginning stages of launching your business, or creating an online presence for your existing website, you may be inclined to bootstrap, to keep costs as low as possible. It’s only natural to consider building your business website on a free platform, such as your domain name registrar’s free one-click website builder, for example. There are also so many other free website platforms that offer attractive and professional looking templates as well. So why pay?

Hold your horses! Before jumping onto any website platform, watch this video first. You’ll discover:

  • The one important question you need to ask yourself before choosing a website platform.
  • The 3 key things you need to consider when evaluating any website platform, whether it’s free or paid.
  • Why you want to choose a platform provider that’s going to be around for the long haul.

Topics covered in this video

00:00 Why is building a professional website important?
01:20 Why do I need it to be fully customizable?
02:40 What functionality do I need?
03:22 How search engine-friendly will my site be?

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