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Why Self-Limiting Beliefs are Deadly to Entrepreneurs

Why Self-Limiting Beliefs are Deadly to Entrepreneurs

Self-limiting beliefs can really put your business and life in a tailspin. It can be a perpetual downward spiral that snowballs into something bigger and bigger. Self-limiting beliefs are dangerous for your success, and they get in the way of achieving success.

In this video, you will learn:

  • What your business depends on
  • What self-limiting beliefs promote
  • How self-limiting beliefs lower your aspirations

Topics Covered in this Video

0:55 What your business depends on if you’re an entrepreneur
1:26 The first reason self-limiting beliefs are deadly to entrepreneurs
2:57 What self limiting beliefs enable
4:00 Why it’s easy to avoid actions that will lead you to success
4:45 The fourth and most deadly impact from self-limiting beliefs

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  1. Lorna,

    Great Post. Awareness about limiting beliefs is a great first step. People simply don’t understand how powerful our beliefs are. I like to say that everything we are and everything we have is a result of the beliefs that we hold.

    Even if we are aware that limiting beliefs exist, they are difficult to get rid of because they reside in the sub conscious. Awareness is a great first step, but then oftentimes, we need to do something special to change or eliminate them.

    I have had great success dis-creating limiting beliefs and installing new empowering beliefs with my clients. I do this through a simple visualization. I am willing to give you (or anyone you choose) a free belief change session so you can see what I am talking about. http://lifecoachshaun.com


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