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Repurposing Urban Space for Urban Sustainability: Tara Rogerson of Evergreen Brick Works

evergreen brick works misc imageAs time goes on, we are becoming more and more conscious about the effect of humanity upon our planet. Tara Rogerson, women entrepreneur, is attempting to raise funds for and awareness about the impending environmental crisis.

How Tara Rogerson is Building Sustainable Cities

Tara Rogerson is the director of social enterprise at a national charity in Canada called Evergreen. Rogerson and Evergreen are attempting to tackle the problem of unsustainable urban development. They recognize that, if humanity continues along the current path of development, our major cities will soon be dirty and polluted, with no hope of renewing them or saving them. Rogerson is therefore attempting to utilize green entrepreneurism to draw the attention of the local and national community to their indisputable link with nature in an attempt to encourage practical action to create greener spaces.

She’s doing this by raising funds through an innovative, but sustainable, rental program. She recognized that the headquarters of the charity, known as Evergreen Brick Works, was an incredibly marketable space which had the potential to be very popular with the local and national community. Rogerson devised the idea of renting out the space and using the profits to fund the works of Evergreen. As such, the building is now rented out to third parties and is used to host local events. As it is open year round, the building proves to be a continuous source of funding for the nonprofit. What’s more, the area was placed in the top 10 geotourism destinations in the world by the National Geographic, further boosting the tourism interest in the space.

About This Entrepreneur for Change: Tara Rogerson

evergreen brick works tara rogersonRogerson has studied Media, Information and Technology at the University of Western Ontario, as well as studying Business Administration at the Richard Ivey School of Business. She has also spent time working in the Canadian tourism industry, giving her direct experience with her target consumers.

Rogerson’s work with Evergreen Brick Works was inspired by the Evergreen charity itself. She felt that alongside providing a headquarters for the charity, the building could be put to other uses in order to create revenue to further their mission. It’s a perfect match that has so far served the nonprofit very well. Rogerson’s work has received significant press coverage and she has appeared in publications such as TrendHunter.


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