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The Entrepreneurs for a Change podcast features evolutionary entrepreneurs who are changing the way we do business, by saying “No” to business as usual and “Yes” to business for good. We showcase visionary entrepreneurs who are empowering people, saving the planet, and generating prosperity by starting green businesses, social enterprises, and B-Corporations. We showcase conscious mediapreneurs who are transforming the lives and minds of thousands of people via digital media and online programs. We showcase lifestyle entrepreneurs who have kicked down cubicle walls to start businesses with maximum freedom and flexibility, so that they can live the lifestyle of their dreams. We are going to get into the juicy details of exactly how these entrepreneurs built their businesses, step by step. We want to you come away with actionable strategies, tools, and advice you can use to grow your own mission driven business.

[E4C29] Design A Business & Lifestyle That Embraces Your Feminine Brilliance; Femvolution – Alia Hall

[E4C29] Design A Business & Lifestyle That Embraces Your Feminine Brilliance; Femvolution - Alia Hall

Alia Hall is the creator of Femvolution, a Master Coach and Liberator for Feminine Luminaries In-the-Making. She also performs internationally as musical artist ALIA. A graduate of Brown University, Alia was a marketing executive for top brands and companies including Saatchi & Saatchi, Delta Air Lines, Procter & Gamble, and Visa. Over the last 12 years she engaged in advanced creative and transformational training to emerge as a cutting-edge DJ and music producer, and as a master success coach, helping other women with a creative fire liberate their unique brilliance in their art

The Difference Between Your Purpose, Your Vision & Your Mission

How to Eliminate Self-Limiting Beliefs: Using the Quantum Self Technique

What's the difference between purpose, mission and vision? How do you define them? While the three are interconnected, there are a few distinctions. Learning to distinguish them can help you on your path as a changemaker, and get clear on your life and goals. In this video, you will learn: How purpose, mission and vision are connected Why you should define your life purpose, mission and vision The differences between the three Topics Covered in this Video 0:32 How to make a bigger impact in the world 1:03 Understanding the concepts of purpose, mission and vision 1:46 How

4 Powerful Steps to Live an Extraordinary Life

How to Eliminate Self-Limiting Beliefs: Using the Quantum Self Technique

Living an extraordinary life is a conscious choice. There are many ways to live an extraordinary life and you don't have to be wild and crazy to do it. Living intentionally will help empower you to live an extraordinary life. Examine yourself, your goals and the world around you. In this video, you will learn: How to be intentional about envisioning an extraordinary life How to identify blind spots How to take massive action towards achieving your goals Topics Covered in this Video 0:31 The process of living an extraordinary life 1:10 You don't have to be wild and crazy to be

[E4C28] Unleash the Power of NLP to Uplevel Your Business & Life – Dr. Angelica Underwood

[E4C28] Dr. Angelica Underwood - NLP

  The ability to make the best of undesireable circumstances and setbacks – and find creative solutions - is an important skill to develop as an entrepreneur. The truth is, life, will occasionally knock you down. And when that happens, negative emotions, stewing over circumstances you cannot control, or getting angry at yourself, is simply a waste of your precious energy. I know this is easier said than done, because we have our habitual reactions and emotional triggers, and it’s hard to stop the crappy feelings from flaring up. I made an epic blunder by allowing my visa to run out

[E4C27] Hack Your Body & Mind for Optimal Health, Naturally – Alexis Shields

[E4C27] Hack Your Body & Mind for Optimal Health, Naturally – Alexis Shields

It’s amazing how many traditional, brick and mortar businesses you can actually take completely offline. For example, the growing practice of telemedicine is relieving congestion in the health care system, saving clients the time it takes to get to an appointment in a physical location, and allowing providers the ability to serve more people across geographic locations and time zones. Naturopathic medicine is one of those fields that is well-suited for telemedicine. Alexis Shields is a naturopathic doctor who sold her brick and mortar practice, and recreated her business as a

[E4C26] Launch a Prolific 6-Figure Business On Positive Affirmations and Juicing – Farnoosh Brock

[E4C26] Launch a Prolific 6-Figure Business On Positive Affirmations and Juicing – Farnoosh Brock

Is it possible to build a 6-figure business on the idea you can live a prolific life – one that you deeply enjoy? Farnoosh Brock is going to show us how. She is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, a published author, a speaker and a business coach. She started her own media and publishing company, Prolific Living after a long corporate career. She shows professionals going through “mid-career crisis” how to move up the corporate ladder or how to leave cubicle life to start their own businesses. She also focuses on green juicing and smoothies in her health & fitness niche business. Now

[E4C25] Travel the World for Years While Your Remote Team Does All the Work – Trinity de Guzman

E4C25-trinity-de guzman-fb600

Have you ever had an experience of seeing a total stranger, and feeling a sense of recognition that compels you to want to talk to them? While I was celebrating the end of the Mayan Calendar - December 2012 - in Mexico, I had the privilege of meeting a digital nomad kindred spirit while I was on my way to Cozumel for a scuba diving holiday. We actually crossed paths weeks before at El Castillo, an ancient Mayan archaeological site in Tulum. Somehow, something clicked between us in passing – he laughed at a joke I made to my friends, but we didn't talk, so when I ran into him again,

[E4C24] How to Build a Passive Income Empire – Empire Flippers

[E4C24] How to Build a Passive Income Empire – Empire Flippers

Ever wish business was easy? Every entrepreneur I’ve spoken to has told me that starting a business and growing it, was a lot of hard work, that really involves busting through your fears, and persevering beyond the point where most people give up. Typically, along this entrepreneurial journey, you might stumble upon this concept, which has become a bit of a “holy grail” in the online world. That’s the idea of “passive income.” However, passive income, is rarely ever “passive”. It may be residual, recurring income, that is to say that revenues come in 24/7, even if you are offline and on

[E4C23] Why Startup Validation Doesn’t Work & What To Do Instead – WPCurve

Why Startup Validation Doesn't Work & What To Do Instead - WPCurve

Ever feel like starting a business is like throwing spaghetti on the wall to see what sticks? I’ve interviewed nearly 50 entrepreneurs to date, and most of them had at least 1, if not many, business failures in their lives. Some were low-key failures that just ended up eating up a lot of time, but fortunately, did not result in financial ruin. Others were massive, crash and burn failures that cost a buttload of money, theirs as well as their investors’, while sending the founder into credit card debt. One of the key challenges for entrepreneurs is learning how to fail quickly, to ensure

[E4C22] Sales Funnels Demystified – FusionHQ

Sales Funnels Demystified - FusionHQ

Today I made a momentous decision – I have decided to stay in Chiang Mai indefinitely. I’ve spent a lot of time assessing my optimal lifestyle design scenario. One scenario that I explored was spending 6 months in the SF Bay Area, 6 months elsewhere. I have to admit, I miss my tribe – and SF has a unique subculture that is a  blend of technology innovation, sustainability, social enterprise, spirituality, personal growth, music and art, that I find wonderfully expressed by the Burning Man community, that simply cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Not in New York, not in London, not in